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Would increasing estrogen lower testosterone?
(25-03-2017, 11:15 PM)hannah Wrote: At this moment I am doing it with diet and massage. My diet is mostly focussed on fiber,the right and enough carbs(im underweight it was worse..im almostly at a healhty weight).and vitamin c and d, calcium,fruits veggies,nuts and other healthy fats like avocado's avoiding candy's and soda...yeh nbe is a lifestyle,lol. But for me its also about a healthy diet and it helped me with my skin i just look and feel healthier especially mentally more strong and happier. I like msm and glucosamine too...and in my future plan id look into collagen as well..
I think teas are a simple way too increase estrogen as well..you might look into only black teas potential its simple but depending on your current lifestyle together with other dietary change it could vring you a little further along the way..

Thank you for your reply, Hannah. Not a long post at all, I like it when people go into details  Blush I like your plan, it sounds very sustainable. I'm trying to eliminate junk food too....so hard to do lol 
I wanted to try msm as I've heard so many of you ladies have grown in the boob department because of it but I keep reading articles by doctors/experts claiming that it should not absolutely be taken for prolonged periods. It's a possible blood thinner. MSM should also not be taken with flaxseeds, this is really risky apparently. 

Yes,you should definitely look into collagen! I think it's very underrated and I love it. My skin is definitely more supple!

I'll try black and tea and lemon water as you suggested (didn't hear about that one before!). <3


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