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Confidence with small breasts? Learning to love and accept your body while doing NBE.
(27-03-2017, 01:27 PM)MissEllen Wrote: ...................... this must sound crazy haha, but not even in a sexual way, it are just like anti stress balls and they ........

hahaha it’s funny to read that. when i arise in the morning, still horizontal in bed, my hand instinctively moves up under my skimpy night shirt to caress my breasts  ..almost a kind of reassurance  ..and then, as i get up and walk, my hand finds its way up under my skimpy little night shirt again to caress my breasts. i’m not sure what i’m doing except that my brain must recognize they must be the more precious and vulnerable parts of me, sexual sometimes, yes, but always life-giving. i find myself doing this through the day. they’re almost like my little babies. also, it excites me when they get a little bit bigger and fuller. i’m not sure what that means ..maybe, something so deep and primitive that it resides in my brain stem and sends secret signals down my spine, through my pelvis, further through my thighs and down into my toes  ...and back up to my uᴉɐɹq again.  Tongue oops
I started crying while reading your words as I have gone through such things too, i feel terrified whenever I think about getting intimate with my boyfriend but he once told me "i prefer large breasts as everyman does" 
I feel now highly motivated to join you girls and start a fabulous journey.

For me'
Success is the best revenge


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