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Encouragement/Inspiration for NB users
Let's be honest: Using Noogleberry is tedious, cumbersome, time-consuming, uncomfortable, and a slow drawn out process. I've been noogling for just under 2 months now and I've already seen some positive changes in my breast (I'm only noogling one breast at the moment because I have asymmetrical breasts), but even still there are days that I don't want to put that damn thing on and days where I become irritated, impatient, and frustrated, and I wonder if I'm only wasting my time doing this. 

I know I'm not the only one, and it's so easy to give up, and opt for something that has more immediate results (NB is definitely not for those easily deterred). But on those days when I'm not feeling it, what I do is remind myself that I have only been doing this for 2 months and I've already seen positive improvement in the overall shape and fullness of my breast even though I might not have any lasting growth yet. 

Secondly, I remind myself that NB is a safe, relatively cheaper, and noninvasive option, that poses no threat to my health or wellbeing and for me, it is definitely a better option than unnecessary and expensive breast surgeries (implants, fat transfer, etc.) or popping pills that might mess up my hormones or worse. Also, NB doesn't require much effort if you really think about it (I prefer the pump and hold method and I typically use it when I'm watching TV for an hour in the morning and a couple hours at night, so really it's not imposing at all on my social life). 

Thirdly, I mentally prepare myself to know that I will be doing this for quite some time and that I shouldn't expect grand results so soon. I also set realistic expectations for myself (my goal is 1 full cup size up for just my right breast in a year, but I will probably have to go through a period of maintenance pumping so 1 1/2 years total.). A year seems like a long time to invest, I know, but think about just how fast a year flies by. It also helps that I have learned to be comfortable and confident in my own skin, and have learned to love my small breasts and not be ashamed of them while I'm trying to grow them, and the journey isn't such a pain when I think about it that way. Actually, I've come to enjoy this NBE journey of mine.

Lastly, and I think what has been the biggest factor in my drive for continuing on with NB despite having my doubts and at times wanting to quit is I often look up and read NB users testimonies and look at their before and after pictures. Seriously, every time I think "Maybe I should just give it up" I go search my favorite NB threads and I read about how solely just using the NB they achieved their glorious results in a year or two and was able to maintain it, and that really gives me hope and puts things into perspective for me. 

So, if you're thinking about trying NB or maybe you're at that point where you feel like throwing it in the trash, maybe this can help you to push through it and it can also motivate you and inspire you. I'm going to be commenting on this thread with a link of my favorite NB testimonies that have before and after pictures in their threads (the visuals really motivate me!) so feel free to come back to this thread whenever you get discouraged. 

**NOTE: Lotus contacted me and said not to post any attachments with pictures of other members (duh! sorry I goofed Sad ). But if you would like to comment below with a link to a NB user's testimony please feel free to do so! Or if you would like to share your own personal testimony/thread/pictures that would be even better! Hopefully one day I will get to share mine as well!

Probably one of my favorite inspiring threads that I love to come back to. Jezabelle on the Noogleberry forum was able to go from a 34A to a 34DD in just under 2 years, and was able to maintain her results even after losing weight. She achieved her results solely from using NB and did not take any herbs or supplements. She only noogled for 1 hour a day while watching tv at night and that's it. Her before and afters are incredible. 

Link to Jezabelle's thread with before and after pics: http://www.noogleberry.com/forum/index.p...307.0.html
Anyone who is familiar with Noogleberry should know who Anastasia is. She's like the NB queen on here, and if you view her thread it is easy to see why. Anastasia was able to get incredible results after using NB for only 9 months. It's also worth mentioning that she had tuberous breasts. She used the pump and hold method once a day for at least an hour a day but sometimes up to 4 hours. She also took other supplements while using NB but she largely credits NB for most of her results. 

Link to Anastasia's thread with pictures: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=698
If you're considering implants and/or have asymmetrical breasts: READ THIS FIRST!

HeyDurr's thread on NBforum with before and after pictures: http://www.noogleberry.com/forum/index.php?topic=4714.0

HeyDurr's Noogleberry testimony story truly inspired me and her implant horror story impacted me profoundly. Reading her thread was also a major reason why I decided to go the NBE route to even out my asymmetrical breasts and also why I'm deciding to steer clear of any unnecessary breast surgeries. I once briefly considered getting implants, and I'm so happy I didn't. I wish all women would just read her story before deciding to get a cosmetic surgery that might cause more problems in the future.

Also, her story shows that NB is effective on people who have had an explantation surgery (people who have had their breast implants removed) and it's also effective for women who are just trying to even out their breasts.
Hi Zara
That's so cool! Thanks for that. It is nice to see success stories. That's what keeps me going too. I started end of Dec and have gained 3/4 inch and fullnes on the tops that were deflated. I moved up from 32b to 32c. See my pics on my thread.
Thanks again
Thank you so much for this thread! I just started and know I'm going to need to come back here for visual inspiration often. I'd like to contribute to this thread because I know I'll be returning and hopefully it will help other newbies as well! I just found this noogle user a couple days ago who had INSANE growth from pumping around 4 hours a day. Her sn on noogleberry is rocketmelon and here is her progress thread. http://www.noogleberry.com/forum/index.p...l#msg50562

It is not clear if it was consistent hold for the 4 hours or just intermittently but she also consulted the person who made this website (http://breast.is/) about her herbal program. I have reached out to him in hopes he can provide me with assistance as well. I'll be posting inspirational threads on here more! Thank you for creating this Zara!
Great thread ZaraAri, thank you for encouraging us! I'm also going to be coming back here for inspiration.
You're absolutely right, time does fly. When I think about the ladies who grew in 2 years, then I realize three months (in my case) is nothing. I need to be more patient!
This girl has some impressive growth. She managed to grow 2.5 inches in only a few months time. And oh my gosh, her shape is to die for! 

Link to L.A's thread with before and after pictures: http://www.noogleberry.com/forum/index.p...598.0.html
(15-03-2017, 08:46 PM)ZaraAri Wrote: This girl has some impressive growth. She managed to grow 2.5 inches in only a few months time. And oh my gosh, her shape is to die for! 

Link to L.A's thread with before and after pictures: http://www.noogleberry.com/forum/index.p...598.0.html

Wow incredible growth and shape! And in just a couple of months....
This thread is such a good idea! 5 stars from me :)

About Rocketmelon and her 4 hour noogle session, I have read a lot about what she wrote and found out that she did split up her sessions, so 1 hour in morning and 3 evening, or 2 morning and 2 evening. She did use the pump and hold method.

So I hope that helps someone :)

P.s. For some reason the last few weeks I can't open the Noogleberry forum pictures, I get an 404 error. Anyone else? I tried several devices and locations, but nada for me.

Love, Ellen


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