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Huh I am starting my NBE program soon , I am 19 , height 5'3" , I weigh 115 lbs , from India . 
I was depressed about my bosoms because despite my mother , Granny and sister having them nothing less than DD and E cups , I was only A or sometimes small B , I was into sports , but nobody has a bottom like me in my family and before I would feel uncomfortable about it , I thought because I was sporty all my teenage I didn't have any curves but I recently realised when my husband pointed out about My heavy derrière.  I started out as a 32 small B cup 
my body measurements current
Bust: 33.2
Underbust: 28.5
Waist: 25.5
Butt: 37.4
My goal is to gain overall (because I heard NBE program overall create curves reducing hormones)
Goal size is : C cups perkier 
Goal butt size is : 42 and bigger cup size in butt? (If there is any)
I started my PM journey after a year and half of breast massage (It did help but just little fuller) earlier used Shriparni oil which is famous among Ayurvedic practitioners. Later on I switched to many different.
I started PM in January 2017 and a week later someone suggested to take Shatavari pills, I included both so first was 100 mg PM 2 times and  with second week as I increased the dosage as per bottle's prescription 100mg thrice I added my Shatavari 2 tablets daily , within 4 days I gained so much weight I couldn't weigh myself but I felt and my arms and breasts hadn't swollen but the only reason I stopped Shatavari along was because my Libido went to null it was bothering my husband , then later learned that's excess PM can cause so I just deducted Shatavari and continued. 
Started maca but I was consuming it in very less amounts so it wasn't giving me any effects ,
Finally just on with PM and 4 times fennel tea and added spearmint tea now . Will continue since I decided to take it for 4 months completed 2 months , I never notice fullness before or during cycle (this upsets me?) Haven't seen much changes but I am patient , I massage with olive oil infused with clove oil(very little) and at nights with lavender and Ylang Ylang massage oil , and sometimes anise seed oil . I tried Fenugreek masks and onion honey turmeric masks famous in India , didn't show much results now just 3 times a week of fenugreek mask . papaya milk shake showed no results nor any fullness even after 2 weeks of regular consumption 
My cycles have changed (more painful than ever it has developed secondary dysmennorhea) so I realise PM does have some side effects , Maca root helped me with libido kind of but now still I am back to poor Libido , pls help me dear members , I am a newbie and really need to get some answers , corrections,advices 
Should I try BO I read so much about it here  but my worry is infertility ? , please help
Sorry for such a long description.
Stay blessed everyone


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