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My boobs need help to grow!
Hi guys, I have been a lurker for a while ... Trying to read as much I can from others. I was on and off of NBE with herbs... I used to take fenugreek pills once a day ( because twice a day made me feel dizzy and foggy thinking ) and drinking fennel tea every other day. I thought I was getting good results because I felt the tingling sensation on my breasts and they felt heavier and a tighter fit in my bra. ( Made sure it wasn't due to my swelling phase ).

I stopped when I felt nothing was happening physically and noticing I was getting mood swings. 

I never touch progesterone cream because of the reviews and talk of cons about it. But now I'm realizing I may need PC because I am estrogen dominant. ( I haven't had blood work tests for it yet, but soon I will ). 

I am wondering what progesterone cream has the best extraction that doesn't have estrogen and one that the body can convert. I've read that Smoky Mountain Naturals and Sonne Naturals are recommended but not sure since one of them is USP from non-gmo wild yam.

Any help and advice is well appreciated! I'm in a learning process as well and I can't wait to have my girls for into a full C cup or even D! ( Wishful thinking ! But it can happen, right Smile? )

Started out as: 32AA
Current: 34A/B
Goal: 34C/D
The food you eat daily plays a crucial role in how fast your breasts grow. If you are serious about enhancing your breast size, you have to make a few changes in your meal plan. First of all, you need to boost your daily protein intake. Protein helps to build and repair worn tissues and cells, including your breast tissues.

Some of the best sources of protein are:

  • eggs

  • milk, including soy, coconut, almond and other milk alternatives

  • homemade yogurt

  • fish and seafood

  • nuts, especially pistachios and almonds

  • peanut butter

  • cottage cheese

  • Swiss cheese

  • whey protein

  • beans

  • lentils

  • tofu

  • edamame

  • green peas

  • quinoa

Apart from protein-rich foods, you should also incorporate more estrogenic foods into your eating plan. If your body lacks estrogen this can lead to poor breast development and leave you with small boobs. Consuming enough estrogen rich foods will help you regulate your hormonal levels and increase your breast size.

Hope that helps you out ! Smile


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