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MissMadScientist’s Flaxseed & Soy method: How I went from 32B to 32F in 3 months
(18-01-2017, 07:01 PM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote: Questions asked:
I have already had a few questions asked, I will try to answer them here

Do you have any side effects from the Full Fat Soy flour or the Flaxseed?
No I have not noticed any negative side effects at all, only positive (breast growth).

Have you noticed any side effects when combining with the BCP?
No, I have not had any side effects with the BCP at all. I feel a little sharper in my mind, and more happy, that is all.

After how long did you notice an improvement?
 I think after a week I felt my breasts growing and funny feeling. It took me about a 3 weeks to grow a full cup size the first time.

How long did you try out each dose before deciding to go up?
For the grounded flaxseed: I started out by taking 20 gram each time (so that is 20 grams in the morning & 20 grams in the evening, 20 grams total a day), after I didn’t feel an increase for a few days, I increased my dose by 5 grams a time. I also tried out 35 grams, but that didn’t do much for me, so I went back to 30 grams per take. Do steps of 5 grams, and see what works for you. Remember, everybody has a different body, see what works for you. Ideally you want to stay around 20 grams each take (40 grams total a day) due to the cyanide health risk.
For the full fat soy: Same as with the grounded flaxseed, I did steps of 5 grams with each take. 25 grams worked out for me, I tried out 30 grams (so 60 grams total a day), but that didn’t do anything for me. I notice in the same week if I have any growth, but 25 each time is enough for me.

What brand of Whole Milk, Grounded Flaxseed, or Full fat Soy flour, do you buy?
Really doesn’t matter what brand, I buy different brands all the time from different products, it still works the same. Just make sure it is the actual product. We all live in different countries anyways.

Do you get digestion problems from the soy?
No I don’t. If you do, see what the problem is, if you have an allergy maybe. Or if you have a unhealthy diet, so the bacteria in your gut are not used to metabolizing soy products. In that case, clean up your diet (you should anyway hehe)

Do you take probiotics?
No, I don’t take any probiotics at all. I don’t need them, a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grain products provides everything you need.

Did your skin breakout (acne) from the flaxseed?
No it didn’t. Keep in mind that some people have food sensitivities, like chocolate. Everyone has a different body. It something doesn’t work for you, then find out why (help from doctor possibly), and act on that.

I am below the age of 18, can I use this method?
No, you should not use this method at all, don’t mess with your hormones when you are young, you might regret it the rest of your life, you are still growing! My breasts where size 32AA at age 18, and they grew into 32A until I was 21. I would actually advice to wait until you are at least 21 to start this program.
You can also try massaging your breasts, that is always safe. Katana has a great breast massaging thread on this, she grew 4 cupsizes with just massaging! Link here: http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=26280

Besides this, it is also safe to use breastpumps like Noogleberry. These also don't mess with your hormones.
They work on tissue expension, you can google that.

Also, when you are young, you should really look in to taking BCP (Birth Control Pill). I grew 1 cupsize while being on BCP. There are many different kinds out there, if one doesn’t work for you (try at least 3 months to be sure), then switch to the next. Ask your doctor for the different kinds (there are different ones in every country, so no point here to write them all down). This is under the care of your doctor, and it is proven and safe medication, and that is always better than a method like this.

What about lactose free milk, instead of whole milk?
Sorry I have no scientific data on that to help you out. You should try it out, and let us know!

What does growth feel like? How do you know if you are growing?
It doesn’t really hurt, but there is a little discomfort in your breasts. At first, there will be fluid accumulating in your breasts, it will feel lumpy. Eventually these lumps will be replaced by actual breast tissue, so no worries if you are only feeling lumps in the beginning (I was kind of freaking out in the beginning haha!) But no worries, this is normal, it will go away in a month or so.

Do you have any stretch marks from the fast growing?
No I used a moisturizer everyday to prevent this.

Did you use anything else besides these methods?
No I did not use any pumps, did not do any massages, did not take any other pills or anything.

Do you think the BCP is responsible for the growth you have gotten?
Yes, but only for one cup size (from 32E to 32F). I only started taking BCP after I got stuck with the Soy and Flaxseed on 32E. So not before, that is good to know.

What does your diet look like on an average day?
I have to start by saying I am on a diet, so if you are on healthy weight, you should eat a lot more!
I take in 1300 kcal a day now.

Breakfast (08:00)
30 gram flaxseed
25 gram of soy + 200ml of full fat milk

Lunch (12:00/14:00)
1 fruit (banana, kiwi, orange, pear, avocado, etc.
1 cracker whole grain, with salad vegetables on it

Evening (18:00):
300 grams of fresh vegetables
Sometimes I eat meat or fish, but not always

Before I go to into my night routine (20:00)
30 gram flaxseed
25 gram of soy + 200ml of full fat milk
Eat another piece of fruit, any kind really
Sometimes when I am still hungry, I eat pistachios, cashew nuts or almond nuts 40 grams portions

That's it really
Once a week I eat like a cookie or something.
Plus I drink 2 bottles of water a day, that is 2 liters of water. I don't drink anything else really

Do you take any other herbs?
No, I only take my daily multivitamin and my daily fish oil capsules to stay healthy.

Do you have any pictures of your progress?
No I don't have any pictures at all.

I have tried this program, but I see no growth?
1) No worries, before you do anything, I urge you to have a look at the ‘Mistakes you will likely make’’ section I wrote. I have had many people e-mail me about that it hasn’t worked out for them. 10/10 times so far they made little mistakes. So good chance you might also have.
2) After you are sure you have not made any mistakes. This program mainly relies on the bacteria in your gut. Most likely your bacteria are not the right kind/species. Still no worries, you can change this. Scientists have found that people who live a healthy high fiber, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables diet, have the right bacteria to metabolize the phytoestrogens.
So what you should try next is clean up your diet. Really sit down and write everything for one whole week what you are eating. Slowly adjust to add more fruits and vegetables, and whole grain products (like whole grain bread, crackers and pasta).
3) If you already think you have a perfect diet with 2 vegetables each day, and at least 250 grams of vegetables, and only whole grain products, and no unhealthy food besides this. You can always try to each different vegetables and fruits that you are eating at the moment, mix it up, be more diverse.
4) Are you using any other herbs or supplements for breast growth? You could be disrupting your endocrine system (hormone system) too much with all of the methods. Some counteract.
I would encourage you to stop any other herbs and try out this method by itself, just like I did. Might sound scary, but this is the only way to really know it for sure. The endocrine system is really difficult. Try to start over, sometimes less is more.
5) like I said above, sometimes one or the other interrupt each other, so maybe you should try just using grounded flaxseed by its own, or just full fat soy flour by its own.

Hi Miss scientist, 

Thank you very much for your kindness and willing for this amazing guidance. I have a couple of questions i have in my mind that i think are serious and concerning: across the the website (http://www.growbreastnaturally.com) and its book said that high dosage of BO causes serious side effects. Im unsure whats maximum dosage for daily.. (of course its always best to start off with low like 500 grams like i did and then increase to 750 and... whats next as final for up to six months?! AND is it ok to take grounded flex seeds n fat soy flour along BO? 

Since im sure you're curious to know others's journeys. So here is mine: 

One cup organic non flavour soy milk, one spoon grounded flex seeds (the bag is been opend and left in dry cabinet for months!!! No good?) and a scoop vega chocolate protein powder, and green collagen once daily plus 750 grams of BO. Massaging is on n off sometimes and... before i tried this method for a month, i had been on stupid PM, fenugreek, and such on for a few months even including acupuncture and chinese medical soup! Worked nothing but mnstrution delay and extremely pain.  so lets say in total of 12 months, i have grown from 38 C to 38 D (im very lousy at measuring bcz i do get tight when measuring and feel unsure so i decided to get measured by professional in underwear store, haha, anyways so only one cup increased in one year.. please help me adjust mine better. I also dont give up on acupuncture along BO. My chinese acupuncturist emphasizes that i shall not take above 750 grams of BO. So.... im looking forward to your reply on this!!! My body is so out of propotion due to my ridiculously wide hip and kinda round booty (i wish more round though instead of unnecessarily wide hips) so... many thanks. 

(18-01-2017, 06:50 PM)Hi i!!! Wrote: I just started your flaxseed and soy flour program today and I need some rescuing... It's so nasty!!! I'm due for my nighttime dose in a few hours and I need help. My dose this morning was so nasty, I was gagging the whole time I was drinking and I wanted to puke for like 3 hrs after until I took some antacid. The flaxseed and water mix was so.... full of flaxseed that the way it felt in my mouth was nasty. Maybe I did too little water? (About a cup or so) How much water do you mix it with? And it's not suppose to dilute to the water, right? Mine didn't. It was like drinking sand. As for the soy....it wasn't horrible, but it was very lumpy. Maybe I have to blend it instead of just stirring? I was burping out soy for sooo many hours afterwards. And side note: I take probiotics every day. Could I take flaxseed oil pills instead of the drink?

Thanks so much in advance!

Can you please send us a link on your front page for the brand you used for toasted full fat soy flour? And the brand for the grounded flax? I feel that is very important and will greatly help others — the source of foods always has a very different impact.

Also, before you opened the packages, did the flax/soy need to be refrigerated? Or did you only have to refrigerate *after* opening?

Thank you so so much Smile
(06-02-2017, 06:50 PM)Miss Mad Scientist Wrote:
(29-01-2017, 12:39 PM)Shiso Wrote: Hi Ellen, I'm new to this site and am interested in this method based on your results and affordability of the items required. Thanks for sharing. I have a question - is flax meal ok to use instead of ground flax? Are they the same, different?

Hi dear Shiso,

You can read more about this in my third post on 'questions often asked', and also on first post, below the header ''mistakes often made''.

Normal whole flaxseed will do absolutely nothing for NBE sorry Smile
Your body can not open these seeds by themselves.
Also, buy grounded flaxseeds, instead of grinding them yourself. I have read that by grinding them yourself, you most likely will grind it too much, and increasing your risk of increasing the cyanide in your body to not so much good levels. You can google more about this yourself if you want to.

Love, Ellen

Dear Ellen,

I would like to start your method. As I understand, taking birth control pill is necessary for your program.....otherwise, the soy/flax/milk will not work and that is the combination of the two (pill + program) that gives results. If this is the case can I start directly with microgynon 30? 

Do I need to justify taking this pill to the doctor or can I just ask for it? 

My stats;
53yr old Female
2 Grown Children (Both Breastfed)
Start; (Age 25ish)- 125lb, 5’7”, 30UB/32Bust (32A)
Current; Current; 135lb, 5’6”, 31UB 35.5Bust (32D)
I am over 50 but actually started my journey in my early 20s (yes, back in the 80's!). I have always had a small frame that gains weight easily, unfortunately it is around my hips and abdomen, and when I lose it comes off the boobs first, I have a REALLY hard time losing weight (and now just as hard maintaining a comfortable 135lb).
The women on my mother’s side of the family are all big busted (but they are also shorter and wider), my father’s side was all men but mostly taller and leaner. Both sides have thyroid issues and I as well take Armor for a low thyroid.

I have somewhat tubular (& very dense,... Doctors words!) glandular breast (when my weight is down they look like flat, soft, sad puppies, ...except when I was pregnant/breast feeding!).
I believe my growth was stunted bc I became pregnant at 16 and my normal growth hormones were stopped when the pregnancy took over.
Throughout the years I've tried Hypnosis, some kind of PC mixed cream, PM, BO, Noogleberry, and massage.

I believe issues with my thyroid, low body temp, and poor circulation have contributed to my poor success in the past.
(Please see my program page for details on all the stuff I've tried over the years!).

Skip forward TO THE PRESENT!
I continued to take the PM until November 1st 2019. At this time I stopped taking the PM and started MissMadScientist’s Flaxseed & Soy method. And I also started circular massage with FSO (with Nerolli EO to mask the oil smell) 2x per day, however I decided to massage in the opposite direction as I have in the past as I never had noticeable results with massage so I figured what do I have to lose?! (This time I would go up the middle and down the outside, like the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdAES4C9zNw)
I started having mild headaches in the 1st few days but I was about to start my cycle on November 4th and it is common for me to get headaches with my cycle. The headaches continued until my cycle was over on the 8th then they were gone. On November 3rd my breasts started feeling a little ‘itchy’ and I started feeling something “weird” going on in my right (bigger) breast, like a had a sore nipple and I thought maybe it was a reaction to the FSO, but continued to massage anyway. In the next few days I also started to feel something different in the rest of my right breast as well as my smaller left. It was a strange feeling (like others have said), but the best I can describe it is like when your milk starts coming in when pregnant, or when you start leaking/become engorged but not as strong. I also found what I thought was a sore nipple turned out to be a small tender spot behind the nipple (like the bud when your in puberty!). These feelings come and go and I don’t have them every day.
When my period ended on November 8th  I expected to be deflated as usual but my breasts still felt a bit jiggly like jello. My weight is up 5lb (that’s a lot to me), It’s 5 of the last 10 pounds I struggle to loose and had been down the last year but now put the 5 pounds back on with this program <sigh>.
I’m not sure if it is the Flax, the milk & soy, or the massage but it really feels hopeful to actually feel something for a change!!!
I do have some digestion issues from either the Milk or the Soy but I am going to give this a full 30 day trial, if I continue to have issues and have found this is working for me I may try switching to Almond Milk to see if it helps. Also, I was using the Bobs Red Mill Soy because that was the only thing local grocers carry but I have some of the Kinako ordered from Amazon and it should arrive today.
I apologize upfront because I am not real good about follow up but I will try to keep this updated this time around!
UPDATE November 15;
I haven’t felt the tingles for a few days, although the tender spot on my right breast is still there and both breasts still feel ‘itchy’ from time to time.  The digestion (gas/bloating) is a bit better after using the Kinako vs the raw soy flour. Working with my macros to try to get the weight back down to 130, (or my goal of 125).
I measured and seem to be getting about a half inch swelling when I do the ‘backward’ massage so I think this massage is working better for me anyway.
So for now I’ll change nothing and see where I am at December 1st.
Quick update;
I wish I had better news. After switching to the Kinko and a fresh flax meal (the stuff I had in the cupboard was old & not refrigerated, it tasted heavily like oil so I thought it might be rancid & thru it out!) I also switched my massage oil for carrier oil Flax (rather than the store bought food stuff).

I stopped having any ‘tingles’ whatsoever, and the tender spot went away.  [Image: sad.gif]

On the 18th I went back to taking the raw soy flour to see if I could bring them back (I had ‘feelings’ within 2-3 days in the beginning) but all that returned was the gas & bloating! So on the 23rd I ditched it & went back to kinko.

I measured on the 18th and I was down .5” (35.5 which I’ve been now for several years down to 35”)  [Image: angry.gif] 
I decided to go back to my old massage and go down the middle & up the outside. Trying to get in the 300 am & pm.

Measured again on the 23rd and I’m back up to the 35.5”. 
Whew! Mental note;... Don’t go backward!!!!

Now to just keep going!!

I think I’m gonna try going back to the food source flax instead of the carrier oil.

Hopping to get the ‘feelings’ back!
30 Day Update
Well, not much to report. I never got the 'feelings' back although they still itch a bit from time to time. 
There is a bit of a 'pillowy' feel to them but the tape measure indicates no change.

I do have 1 positive side effect, my hair has grown 2 inches in the last 30 days! I have been trying to grow my very fine hair forever and all I get is split ends that have to be cut off, but now my hair looks pretty healthy (for winter & all the static!) and when I measure it in a pony tail it grew from 13" to 15"!!!

To me that in itself is worth continuing to consume the soy & flax a while longer.

I've also started listening to the Sapien and Rockmelon tones.

I'll update is there is anything to report.
(05-12-2019, 10:42 PM)StormyAngel Wrote: 30 Day Update
Well, not much to report. I never got the 'feelings' back although they still itch a bit from time to time. 
There is a bit of a 'pillowy' feel to them but the tape measure indicates no change.

I do have 1 positive side effect, my hair has grown 2 inches in the last 30 days! I have been trying to grow my very fine hair forever and all I get is split ends that have to be cut off, but now my hair looks pretty healthy (for winter & all the static!) and when I measure it in a pony tail it grew from 13" to 15"!!!

To me that in itself is worth continuing to consume the soy & flax a while longer.

I've also started listening to the Sapien and Rockmelon tones.

I'll update is there is anything to report.

Thank you for the update! Smile The regimen/progress log I am writing details this process (Soy and Flax). It's working great...the 34C bra is *very snug* now (woohoo!) and the 34D is my favorite...there's some space, and it will get filled! I can sense it. My main fear is losing them...like, I feel like this is too good to be true. This is almost at month 2.
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