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Bigger butt/wider hips without increase in libido?
(04-02-2017, 03:13 PM)Octaviaaah Wrote: I wouldn't do exercises every day though even though you don't train with heavy weights. Even when I did light exercises I always took a day rest. Rest is still the most important for muscle growth. You could buy a resistance band and do exercises with them on?

Oh and with the aguaje it said on the package take one tablespoon a day so the first day (yesterday) I took half of that amount I thought 5 grams normally a tablespoon is 10 grams but err.. when I used a tablespoon afterwards to see if I measured correctly it seemed 5 grams is one tablespoon. So already failed gradually increasing the dosage. I'll look out if I get any side effects over time. (Estrogen dominance?) thinking about buying progesterone cream to counter it then. (Byebye don't Mess with hormones plan)

I've asked the DOC for al hormone test but he is against it and refused it. I called the lab if I could do one and I need doctors approval...  Sad why is it so hard ?

Thank you, Octaviaah! I was actually thinking of getting some resistance bands too but I thought they don't really work. That might be an alternative to weights...

How's the aguaje working?
I took 5 grams aguaje for almost 2 weeks now. Now I'm having my period and I upped it today to 10 grams. On the package it says to take 1 tablespoon so it's 10 grams. I'll see for now if I have any side effects from 10 grams if not I'll keep taking that amount. This morning on the scale I was finally 56kgs (1 kg off, took waay too long) the first thing I did was take my tape measure in the hope I didn't lose in the butt area. (I didn't) But that would be quickly already if I lose 3-4 kgs I would normally lose 2 cm off my butt. So if I keep my butt while losing weight I see it as a success even if I lose 1 cm.


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