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will massaging flaxseed into butt cause cellulite?
i did start it along time ago but didnt keep up, i am wondering though if that can happen as im sure its fat that will plump up under the surface of the skin?
Since it's a thin oil it will probably thin out thicker fats and reduce cellulite.  But if it attracts more of the other fats than the simple increase in fat might increase cellulite.  But that is true with any increase in butt size.  Compared to other things that make your butt larger flax oil would still give you less cellulite.  Except weight training, since that adds muscle not fat.  Also helpful are lecithin (powder by the scoop, or it's naturally found in egg yolks), fish oil (orally or on your butt), and a handful of almonds or sunflower seeds each day for natural vitamin E (or mixed tocopherol vitamin E oil on your butt).  The action of massage itself also reduces cellulite.

So I can't be sure but most likely massaging flax oil will reduce your cellulite, not cause it.  Even if it does increase it, it will be the least increase possible compared to other methods of getting a larger butt (besides muscle building).

If you mean ground flaxseed then I imagine it would be similar but messier.  Flax oil is probably better.


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