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Been using Rockmelon ringtone and frequencies. Nipples hurt bad
Hi all! First time poster here, nice to meet you all

My size is 36B (or 34C, bra sizes Dodgy ). I stumbled across this website about a week ago, and since I'm a bit tight on cash at the moment, decided to try the rockmelon ringtone and the frequency videos on Youtube that claim to enhance your bust size

I normally don't believe in this kind of stuff, but decided there was no harm in trying at least, it'd be a fun little experiment. Sapien Med videos 3 times a day, then ringtone 20 times a day. I'm on my 4th day and honestly haven't been measuring, but tonight is the most sore my nipples have ever been in my life! Far surpassing anything I felt in puberty, that's for sure

I understand correlation doesn't equal causation, but I found it strange this is happening right after I started. I felt a tingling during the videos but I assumed that was just me psyching myself out by paying attention to my breasts

My question is, should I stop? Is it possible this is doing something bad to my breasts? Or is it more likely a medical coincidence

Sorry for the long windedness, and thanks for any insight you might have Big Grin


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