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Ill be real honest I dont think Hypnosis works
Now I wont say I havent tryed almost every youtube video out there but I have scoured the web for hypnosis mp3 and the such.
I have found nothing that actually works might be my brains to intelligent for it to do its think I dunno. subliminals dont work mp3 dont work visuals dont work. I dunno
But for all who are interested one of the biggest databases for mp3 files I ever found is https://www.warpmymind.com/

Love Nikki9
Some people are not able to be hypnotized. But there wouldn't be so much hypnotism videos out there without an audience. I have used the binural ones and I practice meditation with binural beats. When I suffer sleeplessness I downloaded binuralbeats.com and I play the Cd and it puts me in a sleep when nothing else can. Also I believe in thinking good thoughts. Then I believe in prayer. So you must have faith to use these methods.
I think if you go into using binaural beats or hypnosis with the mindset of "well, this is never going to work" then you've already decided it's not going to no matter what. A person needs to think positively when using these methods.

I'm new here and just starting a BE/body improvement journey, but meditation and binaural beats, and positive thinking (along with letting go, which is the hardest part IMO) for other areas of my life and have gotten good results. Of course, nothing works for everybody but I really do think mindset matters with a lot of things.


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