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New & looking for advice
I've always had very small breasts and have always felt horrible about it. I'm 22 btw. Smile i have an A cup and my breasts are really too small for my liking, my right one is smaller than my left one aswell. A while back I've purchased Nip+Fab's bust fix cream and I've been using that for a while once a day for a short massage and my breasts have become a little fuller but nothing near what I'm aiming for.

I was hoping i could get some help here on what are the most effective ways to increase my breast size.
I'm willing to try all but no pills please. If anyone's got any suggestions on things that are effictive I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you for your time!
Welcome to the forum, Justagirl. I really like this forum for a number of reasons and the people here are basically all very nice and helpful. Reading through a lot of the old posts will help you a great deal in choosing methods.

I'm with you on the no-pill approach. I believe the suction method is the best for me and I've seen some results, though not spent as much time yet as I'll need to. That method requires a long term commitment and a lot of time, but the results can be very good.


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