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Sewing again
I decided I had to repair some cloths so I got my sewing machine out but the electronic motor control broke. So I looked at the online classifieds for a cheap second hand machine. I got a great one really cheap, and got to repairs. BUT......
Why I was looking I couldnt help but Notice all the old vintage machines. It seems no one wants them and they are quite cheap.

My first sewing machine was one I got for free in the 90's that needed lots of TLC I lovingly cleaned and restored used it then passed it on to a friend when I moved. I really appreciated the way it was built, and nothing I have since had equals my affection for it.

Anyhow after the frustration of two engine troubles I kept thinking of the old singer treadle machine I had seen online and thought it would be a great backup machine (no electrics to sizzle). To cut a long story short I put a ridiculously cheap offer in on it; at the same time I also saw a vintage Necchi machine so I put a silly cheap offer on that too.

a couple of days later they both accepted my offer at the same time. So I felt obliged to honour the offers and ended up with the 2 Smile.

the singer is a 201P in top condition but needing tension and adjustment sorted out a good oil and internal clean. It is now sewing very well and my Girlfriend already has supplied me with a job for it! Smile
The Necchi had locked up from lack of use and oil drying out (which is why I got it so cheap) I pulled it apart, freed it up, oiled it, cleaned out the motor, checked the brushes and put a new belt on it. Now it runs like a dream. havnt set it up to sew yet. but will this week I hope.

I also have a overlocker that I never learnt how to use. But this time I am going too!!!
I want to learn how to sew properly and proficiently so I need to find a craft group or something to help me as I cant afford lessons.

I am really loving my vintage machines and am struggling to not get another one LOL
Thats great!
I like to fix things as well and have noticed there are not many of us left.
Its too easy to chuck it out than pay someone to fix it for more than a new one would cost.
So I expect to see your sewing creations modeled very soon!
yeah the singer belonged to the girls grandma, but the girl didnt know how to sew. lol so no use to her.
I only spoke to the husband, but he seemed really nice
I have my mom's old singer machine.. what is nice are Juki industrial sewing machines.. I used to use those at an old job I was at..

I havnt sewn in years.. lol now you make me want to break it out and make some stuff Tongue
I have long coveted an industrial machine; I think at the end of the day they are a little big and heavy for me. I dont own any property and have little space. One day maybe.
I just missed out on a very cheap phaff industrial machine, I realised it was for the better after. one day...........
I lost my sewing scissors a couple of weeks ago, I know they will turn up but I have no idea where I put them down. They were rather cheap anyhow, so I thought I would look at getting a new pair.
But they were so expensive.

Then I saw a second hand pair for sale online for very cheap.

I got to thinking that I should have some retro scissors to go with my machine. so I brought them.
They were in a sorry state. so first I painted them silver but wasnt happy so I then found some copper coloured paint, and did the handles.
I'm glad it worked out the way it did. If I had of found the copper paint first they would be all that colour. this way they ended up 2 tone. I left the blades unpainted to keep the vintage look. I might have to clear coat them at some stage?
all the paint was from rattle cans.
all finished
here is anothe pic

Also here is my singer 201P in great condition and very pretty


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