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Poll: Would you support a new brand of Pueraria Mirifica?
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Starting my own Pueraria brand. Would you support it? [Kickstarter]
Hello girls!
In my deep searches and researches over the internet, I find out what most of you already know: NONE of pueraria brands over there are reliable and affordable at the same time.
I could say Ainterol and Biovea are exceptions, but after lots of rumors of wild harvested pueraria in their composition, I can say its all the same at all.

Actually, the ONLY ONE pueraria seller that I took seriously was Pueraria Thai (http://www.puerariathai.com/) - that only sells a minimum of 1kg of powder pueraria, or $230 (including shipping) to my country, plus the abusive taxes put by our lovely gouvernment. I can't imagine someone paying this much for a root Tongue
So, why not buy this one kg, send to a compounding pharmacy and make my own pills? Maybe start my own pueraria business?

Well, the minimum purchase of Pueraria Thai + shipping + taxes to Brazil exceeds one minimum wage here and no way I can afford that.

So, I was thinking about start a project on Kickstarter.
The question is: WOULD YOU SUPPORT IT?

The inicial ideia is sell bottles with 90 caps of 400 mg, what gives me 25 bottles per kg. Price is undefined yet.

I contacted Pueraria Thai and asked for a half kg and half price, it's way easier to get started without taking large risks.

So girls, I want to know if you would contribute with at least 5$ to my project!
I'm a biologist student and already talked to a biochemist friend to help me with toxicological tests and other necessary stuff to make sure the product is safe to be taken by humans.

Hope you all liked the ideia! Wink
Think with love! ♥

[Sorry my bad english!]
If you could make a breast cream with farmed cultivar pm extract, that only has organic/natural additives in it, I would definitely support that & buy it. I really want to get a Pueraria Mirifica breast cream but I can't find one that doesn't have additives in it I don't want, or that talks about the Pueraria Mirifica being farmed cultivar.
I just joined today buyt I would too. As long as it is also affordable. I'm a student so i find most of them really expensive.


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