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Online Dating
I'm on dating site and usually have it set to looking for a female, but sometimes I switch it to looking for a male (funny thing is, I'm not sure anyone ever notices). I switched it to looking for a male last night, fell asleep, and when I woke up switched it back to looking for a female. I was thinking (not the first time) that this is very limiting...there should be more options. Who the person is matters more than simply one or the other.

But, the next person I came across was a transsexual looking for a man. I commented on her outfit (which I honestly thought looked terrific on her) and we got to talking. We chatted about how there should be more options rather than simply M/F to find the type of person we're looking for - as it's not as simple as one or the other for some of us. Fun. Smile
I believe Alt.Com allows for some extra variations...
Can't check from here.

Maybe Adult Friend Finder?

Fetlife has zero limits.


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