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I will be switching bcp and starting something new, need suggestions.
I currently have the nexplanon which has been driving me crazy for a year now because I constantly have a period. Because of that I am also constantly on a combination pill as well. Needless to say this makes nbe more difficult because i'd also love to not bleed all the time and it seems like the herbs help promote the bleeding. I stopped all herbs and my nexplanon is coming out July 29th, although I do wish I could have it done sooner. I will then be only on a combination pill. What should I try first and when should I start? I want to use something I already have. This list includes: Maca, PM, fenugreek, and shavati (I know I spelled that wrong!) Do I need to take a break or cleanse or anything? I just want the best new start possible.
Yes maybe herbs help to promote the bleeding, because there are many herbs which thin the blood a little.


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