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Poll: Lower back tattoo...good idea or bad
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Lower back tattoo...good idea or bad?
I think that tattoos are a mistake many people make when they are young. Time has a way of changing many things, including your mindset as you mature. If they are way big, good luck having enough money to get them removed. Popeye is the only one that looks good with a tattoo.

I say go with piercings. You can always take them out.
Henna tattoo's would work, as well.

For the record, my left ear is pierced and so was my right nipple.
A bit off topic but I have considered a under bust tattoo similar in idea to Rihanna's I think it would enhance my feminine breasts and only visible to who I want to see it and a few doc's but they will already see a bra so oh well just a thought I have had
Why not a flower on the breast itself like many Bio females have?
It can be discretely hidden or displayed, depending on your mood.
i have a tattoo on my right arm, that's the only one I have.

I too wanted to get a "tramp stamp" , however, the thought of anyone who sees it, sees me as being easy *hence the name tramp stamp- she has a tattoo over her butt.. shes a tramp, easy lay*...kind of discouraged me.

Memories fade.. Tattoos are forever.

No expectations.. no regrets.
The only tattoo I have at the moment is a "tramp stamp". I had planned on many more but it has just never happened yet....
Even though it's your body and can do whatever, you have to consider this; You have to wrry about how you are precieved publically if that tattoo is seen by people. If you are o.k. with that, that more power! However, without knowing your lifestyle/presentation, it could be a bad idea if you are in very conservitive circles. In my neck of the woods, tramp stamps are usually worn by females and if you are presenting male and only doing this for yor own expression, it could cause problems. Idk your situation so its whatever makes you happy. I just know it could be a touchy kind of situation if you break stereotypes with people who matter in your life. Im not even sure if Im saying any of this right as its still early for me and I'm not really awake yet. Sorry if anyone diagrees.
(23-07-2016, 02:03 PM)Sillygirl37 Wrote: .... Im not even sure if Im saying any of this right as its still early for me and I'm not really awake yet. Sorry if anyone diagrees.

Your prose may have not been on par with Hemingway, but you got the point across. Think through the long term impact of tattoo design and placement.

Inking your body is a permanent method of self expression that can be as discrete or public as you want it to be. I have 5 tattoos, all designed by myself, each expressing parts of my private persona. All of my tattoos are not for public display, unless I am at a nudist resort, which is a different issue as I cannot hide my developing breast there either.

My ADD is kicking in, Back in point Chtisinta, get back on point.

Ask yourself these questions
What is the meaning of the tattoo?
Who do you want to see it?
What would happen if people who you do not want to see it see it in all of its glory?
Are you prepared for humiliation or adverse effects of people seeing a expression of your private person that you want to keep private?

Me, I am too old to care any more. Even though my tattos are discretely covered, part of me ants the world to see them.

Just my thoughts



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