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Bradelis reviews?
Hi there,

Anyone who's used a Bradelis bra, would you all be willing to comment on your thoughts (and hopefully successes) ?

Did it actually change your breast shape/size?
Is it worth the money?
Comfortable enough that you don't want to kick someone in the shins at the end of the day?
How did you find the sizing compared to other bras?

Any other tips and observations welcome!

Thank you!

Xo, Soli
Bumpity bump - I know someone has some insight! Blush

Xo, Soli
(11-05-2016, 07:53 PM)Soledad46 Wrote: Bumpity bump - I know someone has some insight! Blush

Xo, Soli

Ive just seen one for sale and seen the insides of the cups, il try attach. I cannot comprehend how its supposed to work? Most of my bras are that style with padding in the same place? You know what i mean? Im genuinely confused how not wearing any everyday bra and repositioning breast tissue as you need to wouldnt give the same effect?[attachment=12212]
Yeah, I just recently bought 2 step 1 bras, like - 2 weeks ago. So I can't tell you if they work or not, but first impression is pretty meh, tbh.

Like, I still need to reposition my boobs throughout the day like any other bra. They're comfy enough - I mean, less comfy than my silky VS ones, but they do fit better overall. And also, I do feel more "supported" throughout the day.

I guess overall I just like them because I feel pretty in them. They do give me some great cleavage, but like I said, as the day goes on, my cleavage slips back down and readjusting is needed.

The lace shows through tight and semi tight clothing, though!

Is it worth the money? Um...

I'm still not sure, actually.

I'm kinda with Ellacraig on this one.


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