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Are there any movies that show male full frontal nudity, but don't show naked women
(27-05-2016, 10:37 PM)AbiDrew85 Wrote:
(27-05-2016, 10:42 AM)giggygig Wrote: Boy meets girl is one where a trans girl is shown. I dont think there is a cis girl. I mention that because although still a girl you clearly see a penis. Its a really good movie too, well worth watching IMO.
I also think that regulations are quite strict on showing a erect penis as opposed to full nudity girl. So if you do see a naked guy it would probably be a locker room scene or running down the street naked scene etc?

Trans females are female.

Yes true which is why I said-
" I mention that because although still a "girl" you clearly see a penis"

certainly didnt want to suggest otherwise.

Plus it was a chance to plug the movie because it is very romantic and sweet.
(27-04-2016, 05:31 PM)ALittleInsecure Wrote: I find it very sexist and it angers me. Besides making a movie myself,  I can't even think about how to change anything! I'm not a huge fan for sexual nudity in movies and whatnot, but to each their own. I just feel that if you can't even things up, I don't want to support it because they are just adding fuel to the fire. Game of thrones is horribly sexist. If they do show full frontal of a man it's not sexualized.  It's turned into a joke or a torture scene.

Magic Mike, American Pie, Hang Over, and recently watch Naked doesn't show any male frontal part. If you want maybe you see you are looking for GAY Movie.


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