The Year-Long Massage and Diet Project (No Herbs)

Hi! Anyone remember me? Smile

I had a bit of success in the past with pumping and massage. I'm back to try again with a little project.

For at least one year, I'm going to see how effective it is to massage with different topicals and eat a strict breast enhancement diet. Basically, I'm going to massage daily, twice a day, trying different topical agents. As for diet: no sweets, lots of protein and vegetables, some fruit and grain. I'll be slowly incorporating different foods that are supposed to help specifically with breast enhancement. I'm going to do my best to drink around 64 ounces of water a day. I also plan on getting plenty of sleep.

While I won't be taking herbs, I'll be taking certain supplements. I'm currently taking a multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin D, and a probiotic. I'll be adding more supplements eventually.

It's as simple as that. I'll be starting tomorrow.

I'm happy to be back. Big Grin

Oh you are back. How I missed you and our laughs!
It's very good to see you !
I agree. Herbs messed me up!! Now I'm trying to correct my buggered up hormones. Can't say honestly it's all 100% herbs that did it but I suspect they played a big role. You've missed so much.
Take a look at sweetalyss thread for massage tips
Yay my friend is back xxx

Ella! Big Grin Yes, I've actually been reading through sweetyalissa's page. Very inspirational.

Welcome back BB Wink , good luck with the new plan. Big Grin

Thank you so much, Lotus. Smile

Current topical: Homemade mix of raw shea butter, 100% cocoa butter, and coconut oil

Nutritional boosters: Avocado smoothie at lunch every day which I add protein powder to every other day. I make the smoothie out of one whole avocado, two big spoonfuls of plain yogurt (using lowfat right now because that's what I have; will get full fat Greek yogurt once I use this container up), almond milk, and olive oil for extra fat

I'm eating well today. I'll try to share my intake at the end of the day every day. I'm about to do my massage. Before I do it, I'll measure myself, then share the measurement here.

You can change the font color! Wow! Big Grin

Any update on your measurements bb?

Curious about your pattern. I don't know if this would be better, but what if you were to do one marathon massage per week and the rest of the days 3 sessions 5 to 10 minutes each (i.e. morning, after work, and just before sleeping).

What's your current bra size blessed?
As I am also doing a massage only program, I would love to compare notes in a few weeks time!

Ella, I've misplaced my tape measure! Huh I think I know where it is. I'll track it down and measure later. Actually, it's probably not the best time to measure, anyway, as I have luteal swelling at the moment.

James98, I'm starting out massaging once a day and I'll eventually work up to twice a day. I'd hit the ground running and do twice a day right away here, but I've found that when I start something out too "busily," I don't stick to it. I have to ease into it. I'm starting out massaging into my armpits, then doing 300 slow circles over my breasts, then I do a bit of Chiyomilk's massage.

ArcaneKatana, I think I'm a 30DD or something like that (if I'm going by the supposed proper fitting technique). I have a 30D bra that squeezes the life out of my breasts, so I think I'm a DD cup.

The moment I started massaging my armpits, I got feelings in my left breast. It's so eager. Tongue My left breast has always been more reactive and bigger than my right breast. The nipple is more sensitive, too. Blush I might have to do more massage on my right side than on my left.

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