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Progesterone Cream vs Estrogens???
I´m not sure if I should stick with PC or change to an estrogen program! I have a few questions...

My program was going to be PC last 2 weeks of cycle, but now I don't know!

I really want ONLY my breasts to grow since all the fat I ever gain goes straight to my butt. Have any other pear-shaped women used either PC or fenugreek without gaining in the hips? There's so much contradictory info online that I maybe a real person's experience is more reliable.

I've seen that some sites say phytoestrogens balance estrogen by lowering it by blocking estrogen receptors with weaker estrogens when it's too high or filling in the open receptors when it's too low. So for pear-shaped women, would this mean it would reduce estrogen dominance and cause fat to be distributed more equally or did it still just go to your hips?

Has anyone significantly pear-shaped used fenugreek? Where did the weight gain go -- breast or hips?

Now for progesterone...I have some estrogen dominance PMS symptoms, though mostly the pear shape is the most obvious one (still waiting on saliva tests to confirm). I tried one day of 20mg Progesterone cream, but it made me bloated and dizzy. Is this the excitatory effect of estrogen receptors being woken up by progesterone during the first few days on PC or do I just need less progresterone? I would switch to vitex, but it blocks prolactin, which seems very necessary.

Has anyone tried vitex during luteal and fenugreek during follicular? Can vitex even work if you cycle it every 2 weeks?

So many questions! Thanks for helping a newbie if you have any experience with these!
I forgot to add -- I did get swelling (1/2 inch) from the PC cream, but unfortunately everywhere else seemed to bloat too.

For those who grew with PC, did you have any side effects (bloating, nausea, dizzy, tired) when you started?
Hey girl.

I'm not sure if I can be much help, but I do want to say one thing... That is that estrogen dominance does NOT cause pear shape. Progesterone CAN, if it's even hormonal at all. Sometimes it's just your natural shape and you have to either live with it, or intentionally induce the opposite of what you've always been told, which is wrong. Inducing estrogen dominance may improve fat distribution in pear shaped women. It doesn't always work though.

Another possible "fix" is to just simply try a program aimed around ONLY growing your breast size. It's unlikely to fully even out your figure, but it can help.

Have you tried a non-hormonal approach without herbs? Massage and/or suction?

I'm assuming your goals are less about a specific size and more about balancing your shape by what you wrote.

EDIT: BTW, forgot to mention my own fenugreek experience. My experience was that all gains were strictly temporary, but it went pretty much evenly to both breasts and butt, hips, and thighs. I actually have the opposite problem shape-wise, I'm more of an apple when overweight, banana when in decent shape.
My experience with PC:
I am currently using PC, and have read a lot about it in the last few weeks. I am estr dominant - assuming from PMS and many other symptoms. What I know about PC from experience and reading, is that too little will exacerbate your symptoms and make you feel crappy. The website progesteronetherapy.com recommends using 100-200mg of PC per day for average estrogen dom symptoms. She also says to use it for 2-3 months straight without breaks to establish Progesterone as the dominant hormone, then begin t cycle with periods after that. I started with 20 and felt awful for a few weeks, and had the worst pms since my teenage years. After I read that I began using 140 mg per day and felt great within a few days. Too little activates estrogen receptors. As far as breast growth - none to report here from the PC. Have been using for 4 weeks. But, it's making me feel very happy, so, that's lovely. Smile Also, I am losing weight on my tummy and hips from the PC. Very noticable, and I'm not working out. So, for me, it was estrogen dominance causing excess weight in those areas. Hope that helps. I'm new to this, so that's all I know so far!
Estrogen can make you sick
Progesterone can also make you sick = IF you don't actually need it..

A hormone test is the only way to determine what you actually need and EVEN then consult wisely as to the right time in your cycle to take it depending on if it's blood or saliva. Otherwise it's all guess work . Plus youl save ALOT of money on supplements if you know what you need prior to starting nbe. Take it from someone who knows.

All the best.

Thanks for your responses. Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to the thread so just saw these! I did a hormone test and had low estrogen and even lower progesterone (abnormally low) so I guess I was estrogen dominant in a way.

I tried herbal NBE without results so I'm going to try suction methods...Tried noogleberry but I get terrible headaches from it and can't keep the suction anyway so I just ordered a Brava. We'll see how it goes.


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