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mykelco breast augmentation system
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February 27 2006 at 12:27 AM HonEB (no login)

mykelco breast augmentation system. has anyone tried it? i was lucky enough to get a free copy cause the author was giving it away if you participated in listening to a sales presenstation for something. now the auther doesnt offer that anymore and the ebook is 30 bucks. anyways he had these before pictures up for over a year now and no after pics for any of the girls. the author also has afters pic for his wife but no before. she said she doesnt have any after pics for her at all. he has an idle forum for his program and yet no one has asked " whats up with the b/a pics" yet. i dont know if i should start up something. you need a password to get onto the forum so if anyone is interested just ask and i will email it to you. ive talked t him and he seems nice and honest but there is alot of flaw in his system.

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September 25 2006, 1:56 AM

Hi HB I purchased the Mykelco ebook ages ago and it was an interesting enough read but v hard to put into practice on a daily basis.....some interesting stuff on staying hydrated (we all already know importance of that though), on magnet therapy (wearing them inside your bra to tell the body to 'heal' the breast site) & then there is the topical application of a mixture containing distilled water Damiana Fenugreek wild yam dong quai saw palmetto fennel cayene pepper pascalite powder stabilized liquid oxygen & liquid DMSO....

now the DMSO is supposed to allow all the other goodies to be absorbed easily & rapidly directly into the breast tissue.....but.....it will also transfer anything elso in too so you have to be very careful to not allow anything to touch the skin whilst doing the treatment each day...eg clothes plastic rubber & wash hands very well as anything on them could be transferred in too etc etc.....i have 2 small children so the time factor just is not practical let alone the potential risks I felt...image of me running through the house rousing on fighting children DMSO on my hands getting on all the furniture & them in the process ha ha....though I do think the magnetic field info could be useful.....


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