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CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
July 31 2008 at 10:53 PM boobylove (Login boobylove)
hi girls ,

am not getting answers from corset web ssssooo :

i remember reading about a NBE girl suggesting sleeping with a corset .

i do beleive that u can push the fat of tummy in boobs (cause have a bit of cellulite on higher tum and when i push it in my boob looks like my boob have cellulite! )

so was thinking a corset would slowly 'push' the fat in my boob while am sleeping as well as decrease waist ( not dramaticaly as your body takes back form ) but i did hear it does stop fat from depositing there.

Anyone has opinion on this ? or have an actual ( good ) corset???

much appreciated girls ...

my boobies have now grown 1/2 inche since my programe .... 4 months ago ! so slowly but surely...


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Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 1 2008, 7:58 AM

Corset can decrease your waist but also can mess up with your internall organs.

(Login Cselestyna)
Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 1 2008, 8:23 AM

yes she is right, a corset can SEVERLY dammage your insides, as for pushing the fat up there i don't know about that, however sleeping with a corset on i wouldn't suggest, you breasts need some "me-time" so to say where they aren't restricted, pushing your breasts up, and having them always constricted can also make them sag and stretch and deform them as you get older. corsets are good for special occasions but i wouldn't wear them everyday if i were you.

if you are looking for nice corsets you can ussuall find some at la vie en rose if your in canada or at most other lingerie shops.

hope this helps

(Login shpuspa)
Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 7 2008, 10:28 AM

For your info, in Malaysia some of the ladies wear corsets everyday during day time. They will wear it up to 8 hours a day. The function is to trim your figure, and also to transfer the fat to your breast. It also give a very good support to your back bone and train you to stand and sit up properly. You do not need to wear it so tight as you need to be comfortable while wearing it. Normally they will get corset with pants set. You must know how to wear it properly to get the most out of it. But the truth is, its really work (provided you must have some fat to transfer it from).

irish lassy
(Login irishlassy)
Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 7 2008, 12:20 PM

do not sleep in a corset! besides messing up your internal organs, they restrict blood supply, which will have a severely negative effect on NBE. NBE requires good circulation. there is a reason woman used to faint so much, the constriction of a corset.

i'm a custom seamstress and i've made corsets for myself and many others, so i have spent time researching them. i love them, they are gorgeous and romantic and make you dizzy because you can't take a full breath!

remember, woman have many things to harm themselves in the name of beauty. we should be kind to ourselves and our bodies.

i love myself, i want to love my boobies!

(Login waxingmoon)
Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 7 2008, 2:28 PM

Corsets can give a temporary result I am sure. They 'reshape' by restricting circulation within an area. Most of what is changed is the fluid within the area.

Body fat does not 'transfer' in the way most people think. We are born with, or as infants develop the total number of fat cells we will have in our lives. What changes when we gain weight is how much fat within the cells we have. When we lose weight we simply empty out our fat cells. The cells still remain, they just are empty and thus smaller.

Let's say we place an ace bandage around our arm, from the wrist to the shoulder and we make it very snug and tight. We will certainly restrict blood flow and fluid to the area. If we keep the bandage on for long enough we will in fact change the size of the arm to a slight degree. Once we remove the bandage however, in a short period of time the arm will return to its normal size. Will we have reduced the body fat in the arm? No. Will we have prevented body fat from accumulating in the arm. Not necessarily. Maybe because we have reduced total circulation we have to a slight degree. But this is an arm which is very different from a waistline.

If I want to reduce circulation to my arm I am assisted by the fact that I can tightly wind a bandage against the bone of my arm. This creates true tissue compression. If I bandage (or corset) my waistline the effect is not the same. Aside from the ribcage there is no bone to wrap the tissue against. I certainly can make things snug and bind my internal organs though. This will effectively reduce circulation to the pressure sensitive organs which is not optimal for them. The skin and the fatty layers beneath it will not be very compressed at all. After all it is not pressed against something hard like a bone. It is just squeezed against something soft like your intestines. If the body fat wants to enlarge it certainly still can. It will just press further against the squishy intestines.

But will the total amount of body fat to the waistline be reduced? Probably not, but maybe. If we are indeed able to reduce circulation enough perhaps to a slight degree we would influence a small amount of change. Let's just say for the sake of argument we could manage to bind ourselves tightly enough and for long enough we influenced body fat to go somewhere else other than our waistline. Just where is that body fat going to go??

Body fat deposition is not just a matter of us gaining fat. It is also a matter of a genetic predisposition of that fat going to certain areas. We gain and lose fat more quickly in different areas. Most of us on this forum have a very poor track record of having a body that wants to put body fat in the breast. Many of us on the other hand have bodies that will gladly store body fat in the butt and thighs. Another lovely place for body fat to snuggle in is the backs of our upper arms.

So, if we are indeed able to influence body fat away from one area (such as the waistline) we are not able to influence where that body fat is going to go. I suppose you could wrap yourself starting with your ankles up to your hips and then from your wrists up to your shoulders. You could then somehow struggle into a girdle and corset leaving just your boobs exposed. (so, were the Egyptians trying to preserve bodies or were they trying to lose body fat... lol) Then maybe you could influence your body to put more fat in your breasts - unless your genetic predisposition chose your face- then you would have the chubbiest cheeks ever seen ...

If corset and girdles created a permanent change in body fat deposition then my dear departed female relatives, who all wore such gadgets constantly, would have looked a whole lot different.

Believe me ladies, it has been tried by generations before you. It can make you look different especially while you are all trussed up. There may even be a couple of hours where you maintain your 'less fat looking' waistline. Any 'permanent' change is going to be very modest indeed.

I am not saying don't do it. I am just saying don't get your hopes up about this being a permanent thing.

Best wishes,

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Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 9 2008, 11:50 AM

Yes, you ladies are right! There are pros & con in everything. And yes, nothing last forever. As we all know the world is full of gravity. As we ageing, every part of our body give in to the nature of the world. The only thing we can do is try to maintain what we have with the help of the old and new technology. Some will work and the other don't. And not every two person are the same.

What I am trying to say here is, you can try what ever you think that would help you achive you goal provided, you must know the product well enough.

For instance, if you want to take natural herbs for NBE. You must know which herb to take and how much to consume everyday. From there, you have to take note and see the progression. Maybe some of the herbs does not agree with your body and could cause more harm than benefit. When that does happen you have to change your herbs. And when you finally reach there, you still got to take some of the herbs and doing the massaging every now and then to maintain what you have achive. That is because we are ageing day by day. And don't forget the gravity!

It is not that simple. Beauty means pain. Thru trial and error you will finally learn to know your body better.

But please, if you want to try using corset as advise by some of the ladies here DO NOT:

1. DO not wear it while you sleep.
2. DO not wear it too tight.
3. Wear it ONLY for 8 hours max.

1st time wearing it, do not wear too long. Wear it for 1 or 2 hours the most. 2nd day, you can increase the time if you feel comfortable. Take it slow until one day you are able to wear it everyday for 8 hours. Is advise to wear it day time while you working. And you will need to re position of your breast every now and then in order to get good result.

I am not persuading you to use it. Tho I am not discarriage you either. I think we are here to give you some advise and knowledge that we have for you to make better judgement.

Warmest Regards

(Login boobylove)
Re: CORSETS ... push the fat up there !
August 9 2008, 9:09 PM

Wonderful, thank you again for all the useful info girls...
Old wives tale?
January 15 2007 at 4:33 AM flatgirl! (Login flatgirl)

The discussion on corsets made me think of something. I'd heard a few times growing up from older women in my family that when taking anything to make your boobs grow that you should wear a bra that is one band size smaller and one cup size bigger than you usually use, and to lean over and pull the boob out of your armpit and fit it in the bra, im guessing to help the boob shape better? was just wondering if anyone else had heard that or maybe if there was some truth to it, or if it was just old country women talking nonsense?

(Login Mingmei)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 15 2007, 6:00 PM

It sounds like one of Fengshui's or Tiger Lily's exercises.

(Login Corrie73)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 15 2007, 8:34 PM

I definitely think that pushing the fat from the underarms into the bra helps! I haven't tried the small band on the bra or the large cup size though.

(Login sadkow)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 15 2007, 10:02 PM

I usually do this when I put my bra on, but only in a bra that fits properly. If the cup size was a size bigger, I wonder if everything would stay where you put it. I tried experimenting with a bikini top that I have which is quite tight and when I pull everything into it, it stays there and gives cleavage and a nicer shape when I take it off.

(Login Moonkissed)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 17 2007, 1:30 AM

Yes, Fengshui recommended this method for pushing the fat back into the bra. I try to do this whenever I have a moment in the bathroom.

(Login mitharatowen)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 17 2007, 4:42 AM

this makes sense to me because the smaller band size would keep it tight while the bigger cup size would give more room for the armpit fat to be in there counting as boob. lol. i was already planning on trying out a 32C so this gives me a little extra reason! Smile

(Login mitharatowen)
Re: Old wives tale?
January 17 2007, 4:49 AM

fyi im currently wearing a 34B so that might help to explain my previous post a little bit Tongue


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