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Chi massage vs. Female deer massage?
(16-04-2016, 07:05 PM)Claudia Wrote: Hello good girls afternoon, my question is massage is to slide the hands around our chests , or conversely hands remain still and move them our breasts ?, thanks !

Hi Claudia,
The Chi massage moves the breast around, The deer slides the hands around the breast.
Thank you very much for your answer , while performing the first exercises you mention but results are not moved his hands if no breasts, stopped doing when I started to hurt a lot breast and itched was like a burning, I was afraid and I left , but I wanted to try again and know if he was doing well , and apparently is that there are two kinds of exercises.

sorry for not knowing English and used a translator.
i am a newbie in doing massage, can you tell me how can i know whether i already did it right or i did it in wrong way?
and if i did it wrong , is there any negative effect ? thank you

How long do you massage for and what frequecy?



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