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Hypnosis CDs
April 28 2006 at 4:59 AM
js89 (Login js89)
Has anybody had success or noticeable results with hypnosis cd's? Does anybody make it part of your routine? Just curious!

(Login Mrs.Taylor)
It worked when I used it before
May 1 2006, 6:58 PM

You have to really be into it. I thought it was kinda fun too.

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(Login HonEB)
Re: Hypnosis
May 1 2006, 7:38 PM

hypnosis has long history as being able to have an effect the body. there are even cases like the ice cube and blisters or the women that broke out in sores and started bleeding on her forehead because she was hypnotized to believe she wore a crown of thorns on her head(like Jesus). stigmata cases are believed to have a link with the mind causing the body to break out in sores on the hand. this even goes beyond just the religion of Christianity. even Muslim faith has related cases.

hypnosis generally works on the principal there is a part of you mind that regulates stuff you don't voluntarily have control over and forcing it to do what you want. like for instance blinking. you normally don't think about blinking every time you do it. but you can control it (staring contest) if you put in the effort and want to do it(you are consciously thinking about not blinking). another example is heart rate. you don't think about it. your body generally regulates your heart beat according to what it needs (when you run your heart beats faster then if you are sitting down and relaxing). but during time when you heart is racing you can try to control it by relaxing and trying to be calm. its the same thing you are trying to do with your breasts through hypnosis.you normally dont think about what hormones to release and when to release them. your brain and your body will do that on its own without you thinking about it. we are trying to find a way to trigger breast enlargement with the brain by talking to the subconciouse. some women dont need hypnosis to do this. if you read flat 2 fab lucille talks about an experiment where women used visualization to cause NBE and according to the book 50% success rate was seen. there is an online site that talks about using visulatization for NBE (if you want see the site let me know). so just taking the time to pay attention to your breasts may be enough for some to experience growth.

another interesting example are women who just had a baby. some women find they start leaking milk just from hearing their baby cry. breastfeeding pumps recommend looking at a picture of your baby while pumping, some even have picture holders build into carrying case. supposedly this would increase milk expression in a pumping session. the body and the mind are very much linked. you can hear and see something and it can instantly cause hormonal changes, increase or drop in blood pressure, changes in blood circulation etc. this example totally demonstrates this very well.

hypnosis forces your mind and body to pay more attention to your breasts. they give suggestions, like the "voice" tells you that you are feeling tingles or tension in the breast and you imagine it. you imagine what it feels like. and maybe your start actually start feeling these sensations and maybe unknowingly your body is sending more blood to your breasts and increases circulation( remember that i said that on some level we may have control of our heart rate. we may also have control over where the blood goes) to get you to feel these sensations and increase nutrients and hormones that get into the breasts. and possibly the imagined sensations may force your brain to release hormones that may have an effect on breast enlargement. or the suggestions try to take you back to a time when you were a teen and should have started growing but didnt. the mind and body may have memory of what hormones and stuff were swirling around during that time so when the suggestions tell you to go back to your teens this may trigger memories and the body may start reenacting what was happening during that time. hypnosis for BE works on so many levels other then just stimulating growth. it also gives you positive messages to keep you focused on your goals and helps you believe in what you are doing. if you don't believe in NBE and the method you chose then you wont do as well as someone who believes. hypnosis helps to take away mental blocks that prevent you from growing.

the closest idea on how this thing works in real life is,pseudocyesis, where a woman thinks she is pregnant (but really she isn't). she begins to gain weight and her belly extends. her breasts enlarge and starts producing colostrum, her period stops etc. there is no medical reason for her to have this reaction and she isn't on any medication but because she believed she was pregnant(or wants to beleive she is pregnant)her mind had an effect on her body that caused it to develop these symptoms. of cause this is rare and usually people who respond to hypnotic suggestions are better at being hypnotized but it can and does happen. now a good hypnotist isn't going to say " your breast are growing big and large etc..." they are going to suggest sensations and imagery to get you to have the mind set of a women with larger breasts. make you imagine yourself with larger breasts. feel a difference in your breast size (which may not immediately be there ) . the hypnotist will suggest sensations like sore nipples and swollen, hot breasts. maybe a sucking sensation or a itchy or tingly sensation. etc... a response to hypnosis may take several months of daily frequent listening. so don't expect to come out of your first hypnosis session with larger breasts automatically.thats what discourages many women. they, on some small level feel different but dont immediatly see the changes so they thing its not working and they stop hypnosis. well... for as long as you are willing to take herbs you should be doing hypnosis. so if your routine in 1 year long then stick with the hypnosis as well

so far hypnosis success cases isn't better then herbs, pill or hormone therapy but there is a big possibility it could work. its worth a try. hypnosis Cd's are cheaper then buying a 1 year supply of pills and herbs and you can use it for as long as you would like. right now hypnosis is a back up to a routine. you do it in combination with other NBE methods. just like massaging or taking herbs or BO etc.

its not a matter of whether it does work. but can it work? is there any link to proven sciences that can at least suggest it can work? there are many links that would suggest hypnosis may work for nbe. so the potential is there. but right now there isn't a trend that definitively proves it works. its just something anyone that is serious about NBE should consider doing and hope that every little bit helps. just like with herbs. there is nothing that proves it works but members here can cite other related medical occurrences,personal experiences, and experiments that suggest there is good enough potential to give herbs a try. and hypnosis doesn't have to cost anything if you are running short on cash. you can download some hypnosis Mp3 online or you can ask a member here to burn you a copy. so there really isn't a good enough excuse not to give hypnosis a fair try. even if you are not good at sitting still for long or you fall a sleep during the session you may still benefit from what little you can get out of it.

someone brought an article of this program at a gym for natural breast enhancement where members massage their breasts and the instructor gives hypnotic suggestions out loud to the women. its no surprise to me that a program like that would be around. and women were reporting success. one of the oldest wife's tale was if you talk to your breasts it will grow. lol. IT ACTUALLY MAY WORK.

(Login bantuZu)
where can i get it?
May 1 2006, 7:47 PM

wow, this hypnosis stuff sounds interesting....where can i buy the cds?

(Login js89)
Re: Hypnosis
May 1 2006, 8:37 PM

I got a free download off remotehypnosis.com. It amazes me that I can start listening to the CD I made, and the next thing I know, I'm waking up and lifting my head up to the person telling me to "wake up". I listened to the actual recording one day while getting ready for work (not sleeping or being "hypnotized") and couldn't believe what they were saying! I didn't remember hearing any of it, but had actually listed to it about 10 times before.

That's great information. Thanks! It really gives you a few things to think about. I'll continue being hypnotized when I can!


(Login HonEB)
Re: Hypnosis
May 1 2006, 8:47 PM

remotehypnosis is awesome. i was the first one to introduce it to all the nbe forums. i used it and found i got tingles after 3 days. unfortunatly i stopped using the mp3 cause of sheer lazyness but many other women have experienced simular sensations. the beboard has a few discussions about remotehypnosis nbe Mp3.

i wouldnt spend more then 30 bucks on any type of NBE CD and i would avoid the multiple CD sets where you have to go through 2 or more hypnosis CDs that goes through different stages. they are too complicated are rediculouse. but its a good idea to have at least 2 different hypnosis cds for NBE. 1 female voice, one male voice and maybe a subliminal. some people respond differently when they hear a womans voice compared to a males's voice. so its a good idea to have one of each. ebay had some good deals on NBE hypnosis CDs so check there. wendi is a popular brand and you can easily find her site with a google but i dont think its worth the price. there are hundreds of better options that are much cheaper.

(Login js89)
Re: Hypnosis
May 1 2006, 10:17 PM

It gets the point across. It's really good information. Thanks for posting it. I seem to go in spurts. I can be really good about doing it, then get out of the habit a couple of days and before you know it, a week goes by. The information was really helpful, and I'm glad to know there are a few others out there who have tried it and liked it too.

(Login js89)
Re: Hypnosis
May 1 2006, 10:31 PM

I wanted to say also - very good point about having two CDs, one male and one female. I've never thought of it that way, but yes, one might respond differently to a female voice vs. a male voice. Thanks for the suggestion.
Hypnosis question
January 2 2009 at 4:51 AM
MrsJimHalpert (Login MrsJimHalpert)
I was browsing the internet looking for some hypnosis mp3s or cds for breast enlargement and was curious about what people here are using?

i found this website, seems pretty promising, but this is my first time trying hypnosis, so i dont know. http://www.hypnoticmp3.com/breast.htm

thanks <3

(Login DancingArianFlame)
Re: Hypnosis question
January 7 2009, 4:17 PM

I've seen that too! I think doing it yourself would work better though thats why i never bothered to read more into it. you can find out on flat2fab about it too, i never bought the ebook because as soon you subscribe it tells loads of stuff for free.

(no login)
January 14 2009, 12:59 AM

But the boobs on that page are obvious implants!

Anyway, if you want to do hypnosis I recommend blaketalks because it's free.

I think if anything it helps you be positive about it, but I think it should be done in combo with herbs.

(Login Louise1982)
Re: Hypnosis question
January 15 2009, 1:46 AM

I found the Blaketalks one quite creepy and v.v.v longwinded! I've used the Andrew Dobson one on the link you gave and he's really nice to listen to although it totally knocks me out! The breast enlargement mp3 is 17 mins long and I'm out cold in about 10 mins, good for stress relief and sleeping though. Does make boobs feel weird but not really sure about growth as I've used so much other stuff.

(Login Dory505)
Re: Hypnosis question
January 15 2009, 6:50 AM

I'm using Subliminal Messages mp3 files from realsubliminal.com i dont have to listen and visualize what the hypnotist saying, i just play it and hear the ocean sounds, hope it does soemthing.


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