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I've started and stopped NBE about 4 to 5 times now. I've tried tons of massages, tones and pills. I've put in hours at a time for this cause. And every time I give up and come back, my program shortens, and my growth increases that much faster.

I've been back on the saddle for about 3 days and my breasts went from the smallest they've ever been to nearly the biggest. I've cut out the line of pills and am just taking asprin, biotin, and a multi.

I learned a new massage technique and learned to open my pores with heat for best absorption of oils and etc.

I don't listen to too many beats, and i don't bother when I am stressed and unfocused.

I don't force this a schedule. I make this fun. I make this something I want to do, not have to do.

Don't overdo the tones and pills. Don't cake too much shit on your breasts.

Take breaks. Do this for you.
Exactly I totally agree with your attitude.. Along the way youll learn that there is no goal...and when there is no goal you cant give up on it rightRolleyesWink You can only be surprised as a consequence from your actions.. And natural breast enlargement doesnt happen overnight its a life style, pills and pumping excluded..theres so much to accomplish from only little herbs, stimulation by massage, and sitting well in your nutrition and overall health.
Can you btw share the new massage technique you're talking about, im quite curious bc massage stays challenging.
Ditto what's your massage please Smile

Yeh I orddeed green bush herbs and then I thought to myself " what the hell did you do that for you silly cow"

I'm slowly gaining weight. I'd like to explore thAt and chi massage followed by fat brushing, plus I'm doing the fat onto bras and keeping it there all day long, who knows that may or may not work. Lotus said I was on to something so that's positive
Its the same massage you guys have seen a thousand times XD Just added the Chi massage in is all!
I came to the same realization recently, after I took a break. The simpler, the better. I'd rather be more aware and in tune with my body as I go, than popping pills and focusing only on the end result. My mindset is changed, so I'm more patient with the process and doing it for fun.
(16-01-2016, 09:28 PM)Orangepeels Wrote: I don't force this a schedule. I make this fun. I make this something I want to do, not have to do.

Take breaks. Do this for you.

Completely agree with everything & particularly the above. Doesn't matter the journey any of us are on, you have to maintain an element of fun. Hard work ethic is fine, but there has to be some reward or enjoyment found at the end of the day to move forward. Smile
This is helpful advice! Thanks!


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