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Fennel Seeds
Fennel Seeds
April 16 2008 at 6:11 PM babyboobs (Login babyboobs65)


I was thinking about adding some fennel to my program and saw some fennel seeds at my local asian foodstore which were quiet reasonable. I was wondering how much you would need to have per day e.g 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day possibly? I quiet like the taste of them so am quiet happy to chew them up.

Any thoughts comments would be helpful

(Login Hopeful88)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 16 2008, 6:36 PM

From what I can recall 1 teaspoon = 2000mg. So I suppose you could have a quarter teaspoon but keep those amounts in mind in comparison to the other estrogenic herbs you are taking as your total should not exceed 5000mg a day of estrogenic herbs.

I quite like drinking fennel tea, but eating the seeds was very unpleasent as the flavor can be so intense.

Hope I helped, and that I was correct on everything, sorry if I'm wrong Smile good luck though

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 16 2008, 7:22 PM

Hey, I have a question. Why shouldn't your herb intake exceed 5000 mg a day?

(Login Hopeful88)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 16 2008, 7:36 PM

Hm now I'm reading that one teaspoon can equal 5000mg not 2000mg. SO in that case I think you should only have a quarter of the teaspoon a day or something like that.

Yikes, I'm not sure why this 5000mg rule exists I just know I've read it quite a few times around here. An I know WU's total is 5000mg I think... I guess 5000mg of estrogenic herbs is harmful or can stall you? Not real sure, sorry...

(Login Louise1982)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 16 2008, 8:08 PM

Frostedmint has solved the conversion problem for us!

The quantities below are how much you get in a 5ml tsp i.e. 'metric tsp' - I've copied her whole list in case you wanted to take anything else. She ground the seeds first so this is the equivalent weight of the powder.


Hi Louise,

I just finished measuring everything. I levelled my 5ml teaspoon off with a knife and weighed each herb 3 separate times. None of the herbs are in extract form. The results are as follows:

barley- 1805 mg ( Vitamin World )

alfalfa- 2175 mg ( Now Foods)

fennel- 2090 mg (I grind this myself)

fenugreek- 2530 mg (same as above)

hops- 520 mg (same as above)

flaxseed- 1935 mg (same as above)

oats- n/a (I have a bag of milky oat seed but haven't ground it up yet)

soy- n/a (still taking this one in pill form)

My grinder does a pretty good job so the results would be comparable if I bought the herbs already ground.

Fennel Fairy
(Login fennelfairy)
SENIOR MEMBER Just a thought here... April 17 2008, 9:52 PM

A seed has an outer "shell" similar to nuts but thinner and softer. Surely, ground up fennel seeds are not pure herb, or indeed pure estrogenic compound. The major part of the seed probably doesn't contain much phytoestrogen, just protective shell layers. Also, 2000 mg of fennel can't be compared to 2000 mg of red clover for example, since the strenght of the phytoestrogens in the two herbs are VERY different. Fennel is quite weak "hormonewise".

In fact, a quarter of a teaspoon is nothing at all. In India, people eat fennel seeds as a side snack with their meals out of a little bowl. If this milligram theory is right, all Indian women would have enormous breasts and all Indian men would suffer from gynaecomastia from all the phytoestrogens they ingest daily. I don't think the milligram method is logical because phytoestrogenic strenght vary greatly between herbs.

When I was doing NBE, I'd make a cup of tea with half a deciliter of fennel seeds and a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds per cup. Where does this theory of a maximum intake of 5000mg a day of estrogenic herbs come from anyway? Any reliable source or just "someone who once posted it on a messageboard"? Because there is a big difference between seed, berry, leaf or root of a plant in terms of the amount or concentration of actual phytoestrogenic compound. The general weight of a product can be very misleading. 5000mg a day of estrogenic herbs says nothing really about the strenght of it.

Just my two cents.

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 17 2008, 10:24 PM

I made it clear that I was not sure if this is accurate and that I did not know the theory behind it. So yes I did read it on this board, and as a member of this group I do pass along information I have read just as you do. Sorry? Should I in the future not share info and opinions unless it is absolute fact? If so, this board wouldn't even exist... we all pass along theories.

And yes I am well aware this is a massive difference between the very potent red clover and fennel. I have warned a number of women on the board about red clover in the past even in small quantities!

I am also well aware that people all around eat fennel, fenugreek, soy, etc on a regular basis and do not have huge breasts. Some people like using pills, some people like eating whole actual plants, some like using extracts, and some like grounded up herbs measured in mg!! It is just another means of keeping track of how much one has ingested of a given herb so just because you do not think it is logical does not mean it is not a good method. Eve even used the measuring method... no big deal.

And I also know that different parts of plants do different things... I'm not so new here that I don't bloody know a thing and am just passing around stupid facts. There is something behind my talking I spend a hell of alot of time on here researching this stuff.

I was a fan of yours in the past and have read your program page fennelfairy, so congrats on your success thus far but why you feel like pointing me out on my comments is beyond me :S I'm just passing along info like everyone else around here and I even made a point to say i wasn't sure! geez...

This message has been edited by Hopeful88 on Apr 17, 2008 10:29 PM

Fennel Fairy
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SENIOR MEMBER Sorry April 18 2008, 9:18 AM

I am not being critical of you personally at all. I simply wanted to raise a question on how measuring by milligrams may not be a good reliable method to measure the potency of what we ingest. I have no better alternative myself, hence my post. Why so touchy? Just like you, I want people here to find a good solution that works for them so why is it so taboo to question the efficiency of a certain method? I wish there WAS enough research on this to clarify what amounts of every herb would be ideal for NBE.

I give up on this. Whatever I say on here is taken negatively or seen as a verbal attack. Is it the way I word things? It is not so easy to come across "the right way" to people when writing in a foreign language. Apologies to anyone I might have offended. I'll just shut up in the future. I'll find a forum for those who's social skills suck :-)

Thanks for having been a fan of me in the past by the way.
Good luck to you and everybody else.


(Login Hopeful88)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 18 2008, 9:59 AM

Oh no, don't leave this board fennelfairy. I am sorry for being so touchy, I understand now that you were just pointing the reliability of the method. I was just taken by surprise by your questions as I was only trying to pass on information, as I see now you were too. I am sorry for the misunderstanding, and I am of course still a fan of yours as well as every woman who has achieved success on this board.

best wishes

(Login babyboobs65)
SENIOR MEMBER Oh No!!! April 18 2008, 12:56 PM

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments to my initial question. When it comes down to it, much of the information on the internet and on forums like this cannot always be taken as 100% accurate and you sometimes have to make your own careful decisions, however it is a good start for people like me who don't have a huge amount of knowledge about this sort of stuff. all your comments have been useful and I really hope my question hasn't led to disagreements because you have all been so kind in giving your opinions even though they may not be similar.

Interestingly my MIL is asian and eats this mixture of seeds etc which was mentioned which contains fennel seeds etc, I bought some today as it has a lovely flavour. She eats quiet alot a day so thought if i have some after my meals, which is when it is usually eaten it can't do any harm, and in fact before I was pregnant I would eat quiet a bit a day, and quite funny, she does have big boobs!!

Thanks for your thoughts though I do appreciate your time in helping me answer my question.

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SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 18 2008, 6:52 PM

You mean to say by grinding the seed we lose more of the hormones?

(Login Louise1982)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Fennel Seeds April 18 2008, 7:18 PM

Firstly, Frostedmint's conversions relate to ground seeds anyway so I don't know what the fuss has been about and secondly, do you really think the people who sell powders throw away the chaff when it'll bulk up the product? 100mg either way isn't going to make any difference, in fact looking at other people's success stories most people who grow get growth with any product so just try your best and make sure you stick to it.


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