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Did Brava Close?
I have been trying to reach Brava's sales department for a couple months and no one is responding. I have also looked for used systems on eBay but so far no luck. The doctor I am hoping to do the fat transfer procedure with told me they could no longer get in touch with anyone at Brava.
Does anyone here know whether Brava has closed?
When was the last time someone from here purchased from Brava or an affiliated doctor?

Please post some of your experiences, thanks.
I know Brava London has closed in the UK. The only place that sells Brava in the UK now is enhancebreastenlargement,com as I got my Brava system from them a few years ago. I found the domes too heavy and hard to use so I actually ended up selling my brava system and buying an Enhance system instead, I grew a full cup size in 12 weeks so was over the moon with my results. I would recommend having a look into Enhance breast enlargement system as it is much cheaper than Brava and works on the same principle of tension induced tissue growth. Good luck with your search
I looked into Enhance but why are there barely any reviews on it?  Also, it's manual suction, isn't it?  And no protective silicone layering on the cup edges?
Brava has closed!
Best alternative is Bosom Beauty

Yeah I heard they went out of business. You may be able to buy Brava stuff from amazon and other websites like that.
I managed to get a second hand brava SmartBox with a large brava bra and filters for around £40 on eBay. Bit of gamble as I thought I would try it with my noogleberry domes.

I had to replace the rechargeable batteries in the SmartBox, but I managed to attach to my noogleberry domes no problem. I have started using it this week, the bra top works well, keeps the domes in a good position and I am a size UK 8/10. I have to connect the tubing to the dome airlock through the bra material if I want to tuck the SmartBox out of way and do the zip up. The material is thin and breathable so this works OK.

Last year I used the Noogleberry pump and hydronoogling method. I do think I over pumped a few times. So far, by using the brava I don't think I am at risk of overpumpling. My breasts are definitely drawn into the domes but no signs of overpumpling and the tell tale chest rings fade within half an hour. I am going to keep using the brava /noogleberry set up and see how I get on. I do like hydronoogling still so I think I will supplement with that. I may use the manual pump for short sessions or maybe start a session with the manual then swap to the brava SmartBox to maintain suction.

Hope that makes sense but may be useful for your brava quest!  Good luck!
Let us know how it goes.  I read too many questionable things about Noogleberry to feel comfortable with it.  At least from my own experience, I know Brava did not damage me in any way.   If only I could get it from someone.
I think with Noogleberry patience is key, you have to think if it as a long term journey. Slow and steady wins the race.

I have had a good break from it due to life events. So if I had done any damage I think it will have healed by now. Now I am just being careful and see how it goes.
Sad times!  My little boy got a hold of the brava SmartBox. When I told him he "shouldn't have that" he chucked it on the floor. This broke the connection points from the rechargeable battery. The battery compartment and circuit board is too small for me to solder and fix. Gutted!


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