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my journey to a full c cup
Hi so I've gotten a bit practical and have decided that aiming for e cups from a cups is unrealistic so I have decided to put a thread on my short term goal to get a full c cup with a bmi of 20 which is 103-105 pounds for me (currently 110 pounds) by June 2017 about a year and a half from now. I'm not sure yet on the methods I shall use but am pretty sure I'm going to have to use a lot before something gives me really good results. I'm also going to put up another thread in the other body enhancements forum to track my progress of the other body enhancements I want. So yeah this thread is only for my boobie growing journey and hopefully I can reach my goal.
Merry Christmas.
I think you have done the wise thing. A C cup I think will look better on your frame, and it more attainable by 2017 too.
Looking forward to your progress reports.
Hey so I decided what I wanna do
3 caps of 610 fenu
3 caps of wild yam
Progesterone cream on luteal


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