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Stephie's so-called "Brava" program
Technically, my program won't actually start until I've put together my imitation "Brava" system. I'm just hoping to solicit some advice on how best to go about it, and keep track of my attempts. I'm considering using a nursing pump attached to padded Noogleberry cups, but someone has offered to sell me a pump that maintains vacuum pressure within a specific range, just like a Brava "box". Unfortunately, the suction might be too high for all-night wear. I'm talking to the seller about what can be done about that, if anything. If the pressure can't be lowered enough, I'll have to make due with the nursing pump or just pump manually and keep it attached with an airlock. If I use the airlock method, Ill have to get up twice per night to re-pump, or they'll lose pressure and pop off. I've experimented with nighttime pumping, but I could never find a padding solution that was comfortable enough and airtight enough. I have some ideas about how to imitate brava domes, but they may not work.
Full disclosure, this is either my second or third account on this site. I've been attempting NBE on-and-off for so long I can't even remember exactly how many accounts I've had. I just started this new account after a years long break from NBE. I made my first attempts at NBE when I was 18 or 19 and I'm 30 now. There were several years long breaks along the way. I don't even remember if the old breastnexus forum existed back then. I started this new account because I wanted to avoid lots of questions about previous programs, or even various NBE "theories" I was toying with at one time or another. Worse yet, sometimes people see my huge amount of previous NBE experience and assume I must be an expert by now, which couldn't be further from the truth. I'm also hoping to avoid unsolicited advice about what I could or should have done differently in my previous programs. It's a little discouraging, and I'd really like to focus on my new program and not become distracted experimenting with other ideas along the way. Maybe this post was unnecessary, but I didn't want anybody to think I was hiding something.
As far as padding is concerned, I was thinking of cutting two big holes in a self adhesive silicone "bra". The non-fabric silicone bras are really just two sticky pads that are similar to breast forms. I think they're made out of the same material that that Brava rings are made out of. Does anyone have any idea what sort of adhesive I should use to make sure the rings are attached firmly to the cups? I may have to use something that can be peeled off or chemically "melted" off without damaging the acrylic Noogleberry cups. I'm not sure if something like that exists that would also be strong enough to keep the rings attached under suction.

Brava also recommends using body adhesive (aka "skin prep wipes") to make the silicone rings stick even more firmly. Some people say the extra stickiness from the wipes is very irritating and they aren't necessary unless you can't acheive suction with the regular domes. On the other hand brava claims that their wipes also provide a protective barrier, and if you don't want extra stickiness, you should create a barrier with aloe vera gel. Im not sure which of the two I plan to go with at first. I do know that once the irritation starts, it might get so bad that I have to take a break of several days to a week, and that could completely undo my progress if it happens early in the program.
Here's an example of the type of silicone "bra" I might use: http://www.barenecessities.com/product.a...HwodwfgIbg
I'm sure I can find something even cheaper. This is just one of the first I came across that looked like it might work.

If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.
Btw, I AM still interested in buying medium-wide or medium-large brava domes, if anyone is selling. I'm just getting impatient waiting for a reasonably priced pair to pop up on ebay. There's a pair up on ebay right now, but they're narrow-xl and the seller wants $520 for them, which is INSANE.
Is the Bosom Beauty electric pump system out of your budget? http://gismostore.com/
$300+ A lot cheaper than Brava (+ some nice features) but still more expensive than Noogleberry.
James, Bosom Beauty is just a nursing pump. The seller stuck a sticker that says "bosom beauty" over the brand name. The cups are nothing special, and the system wasn't designed to be worn overnight. He's also massively overcharging for all the components.
Btw, thanks for yhe suggestion anyway Smile
I bought the imitation Brava pump Big Grin To be fair to the seller, it's not really an imitation of Brava and it can actually do a bit more than the brava pump can. On the other hand, it's much bigger and louder than a Brava box, so I won't be tucking it into my bra any time soon. It's a homemade pump that can maintain low or high pressure in a set range. He says it can maintain pressure as low or lower than -1.5hg (like the brava) but he's worried that the motor will wear out much quicker that way, because it will constantly be kicking on and off as it tries to maintain a vacuum at such a low pressure. He doesn't seem to think that brava domes will really do much to prevent this, but it seems obvious to me that Brava uses sticky silicone rings and body adhesive because they think it will help maintain the vacuum pressure and keep the pump motor from having to run constantly. I guess I'll have to find out the hard way.
Oh my god....I just tried the new nursing pump that I bought before I realized the faux Brava pump was still available for purchase. Do nursing pumps normally suck and then "push" down really hard before sucking again? My other nursing pump just pumped and then reduced the vacuum pressure slightly before pumping again. This pull/push thing I've got going on right now is very strange. Like a kitten massaging its mothers teats but 1000 times as strong. Now I understand why people were wondering why I would want to use a nursing pump for regular pumping sessions.


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