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Everyone saw my tittie picture
(12-02-2018, 10:41 AM)nanakante Wrote: My mom was on the iPad and found a pic of my boobs, I sender it to someone but now I'm scared!!

Has she said anything? Maybe just pretend like nothing happened.
(10-12-2015, 07:52 PM)Savasana Wrote: So This Is Pretty embarrassing, but one of the worst things that could probably happen to me in school, happened. So idk why google drive randomly saves pics from your phone, but that's apparently what happened. I was about to give a presentation and pulled up the drive, then my pictures popped up on the

overhead screen...and I hear gasps and whispers in the audience  because my before and after tittle pics were right there blown up for everyone to see. So yeah I'm pretty humiliated. Anyone had any similar experiences? Has anyone accidentally seen your boobs pics?

Can I just say mad props to you for handling this so gracefully? You must be really mature. I have so much respect for the way you’re dealing with this! 
Yeah - I haven’t had this happen... yet. I do what I can to prevent it. I have a hidden photos app with a passcode and I also disable the cloud before I take any boobie pics so that they’re hopefully not out there anywhere. Although I think with today’s technology anything CAN be traced but only by experts if you do the basics to cover your tracks. And no one would probably want to go to that much trouble. 
I’m really bad about baking up my phones and then when they break the Verizon people have to get all my stuff off of them. I have a big fear of them transferring all of my pictures over and then these showing up somehow for the Verizon rep to see as they’re helping me. Idk if they can see the pictures they’re recovering or not.


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