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Anyone use latisee or revitalash?
In my opinion castor oil is very mild, whenever I get it in my eyes i don't feel any burn and get no infections whatsoever and I've been using it for few years now. I'm using pukka castor oil:
 [Image: 1.jpeg] 

I've been reading that castor oil stimulates production of collagen ad elastin so it's definitely great as an anti ageing product. I use it on my skin because it leaves it so moisturised and my eyebrows and eyelashes grow really strong and thick. I haven't tried it on my hair yet but I want to as soon as i buy JOJOBA oil, you can mix it with castor oil and use it to massage into your scalp. It's suppose to get rid of any residue and dirt build up that's around your hair follicles, because jojoba oil is very similar to our natural sebum (its very good for acne as well, and your skin in general). It promotes healthy hair growth I've read loads and women said it made their hair grow really strong and thick and just overly much healthy. Natural oils are a great alternative to expensive products. I'll put few links to a couple articles I've read about castor oil and jojoba oil. 






There was few more which I can't find at the moment. I will post some more info about my own progress once I buy jojoba oil. You should definitely give castor oil a chance, just be consistent, apply it every night before sleep (if you don't want to use your fingers get a clean mascara wand or you can use those little disposable ones https://www.amazon.com/PPbean-Disposable...DL1K4?th=1 . Just dip it in the oil and apply on your eyelashes once you're done just rub it a little into your lash line just to make sure it absorbs right in there. You should see some results in a week or two!
wow, carne, thx for those links, i love the info on those pages. i tried the castor oil at my lash line and everything was ok, no burn, so, i’ll keep it up and see how it works out. honestly, i knew it was good but had no idea there was as much good stuff in castor oil as was in the list from stylecraze. also, i’m going to get some jojoba oil to mix with it and try it in my hair cuz it sounds so healthy and wholesome and appeals to me much more than an exotic conditioner in a gorgeous bottle. not that i have anything against exotic conditioners or gorgeous bottles or patentable molecules created by bloodless chemists. hahahaha. seriously, i love bloodless chemists. just had it with ridiculously expensive molecules and promotional promises. the marketing team can keep their lovely squeeze bottle. i’m going to keep looking over these links ..i love this stuff. thx so much for posting it.


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