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maybe this is what is helping??
every time i take dim, which helps filter good estrogens from bad, i get pains... if i forget, i dont always get them. so perhaps the dim is helping the bb work?

anyone else taking dim?

best boobie wishes to all!
what is dim?
diindolylmethane... i usually just search "dim" and "supplement" and then compare prices, but i got a good deal on "dim plus" which is supposed to have all kinds of goodies. dim comes from veggies like broccoli and such.

here is a link i found (possibly biased, since the site sells dim) for some info on dim. basically, it blocks bad estrogens so good ones can get through.

thanks for the article awesome read. It turns out I get a lot of dim, LOL, I'm one of those reare people that loves all of those veggies they mentioned and I fix at least one of them each day with supper. I could live off brussel sprouts. LOL.
really? brussel sprouts? i cant stand them! those or cauliflower. i like broccoli, though... but not enough for every day!

i am really thinking that it helps. i leave that at work and so i rarely take it on the weekends, and weekends i get fewer pains even though i noogle more...

hmm... the great boobie experiment continues!
I remember Michelle Choi used to take DIM too.I think it was recommended by BB..I am gonna place my BB order soon and start in April-May.I am taking Maca now and i want to finish all the bottles i have.I have so many different bottles of different supplements it´s driving me crazy..Angry
hey sandy! that is good news... michelle choi had some really good results! i forgot my dim bottle at work, and we have a long weekend, so i am missing the pains! doing more noogling to make up for it...

i know what you mean about all of the supplements... plus, maca tastes TERRIBLE! i have been mixing it with my protein in the morning. had to switch to chocolate protein just to choke down the maca. even mixing it with fruit i hate the taste... how are you taking yours?
I have them in pill form..the natrol is great but the now gelitinized brand tastes terrible!But i think that maca could affect BB in a negative way.Oh and i ordered NB too it should arrive soon.Very excited!!


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