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Can anybody help me here..
"How can I deal with hair loss caused by cancer treatments?"
i was on chemo for 6 weeks to try and slow down an agressive arthritis back a few months ago. my hair started falling out really badly also. i was told to biotin vitamins but didn't stay on the methotrexate long enough to see if it helped any. it took about a month of no treatment for my hair to stop shedding. :ope this helps some and good luck with your treatments. i know how miserable they can be.
ps in the case of cancer you really need to research what suppliments you take. I say this because with methotrexate, folic acid will cut the side effects in half including hair loss, BUT if you are taking the treatment you can use folic because reduces how well your chemo works. So the standard procedure is arthritis patients are given folic acid, cancer patients are not. With the biotin, I never heard whether this one was like that or not, so be sure to research it some.



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