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hello, hi and holaaa (and also seeking some advice)
hello me hearties! i thought rolling two into one would be the way to go!
my name's gyda, i'm 27 (28 soon, eep) and cis. as you've probably guessed i'm relatively new to both breast expansion and the forum. i've embarked (haha i love this fancy word) my own nbe mission just over a week ago and though i, obviously, haven't seen any results. i'm trying to keep my expectations realistic. but i can certainly feel the pleasant tingling soreness and some swelling. for the time being i'm doing the fat-transfer massage with flaxseed oil, but i'm also anxious to get a breast pump (keeping my eye glued to noogleberry on my ebay watchlist) and perhaps try some fenugreek as well as i've heard plenty of good on it too.
HOWEVER, my chief aim besides growing these bad boys is also trying to fix the asymmetry since it's been a pain in my backside for as long as i can remember.

my tumblr (beware of the pornos lol): http://harleyquimss.tumblr.com/
and here are my boobs:http://harleyquimss.tumblr.com/post/105992139947/first-few-days-of-nbe-photos-taken-between-11-12#

AS YOU CAN SEE. VERY WONKY. therefore i'm asking all you lovely people for some advice and tips. at the moment i'm massaging the smaller one more but that's about it. the main reason why i'm looking to get noogleberry is to pump the smaller breast and hope for the best. but if anything else comes to mind please let me know!
Please Harlequimm, no porn on this forum.
To break your porn addiction look for help at:
Don't mind him, there is no porn ban that I know of. Not that you had posted any to this forum anyway.
Well, I think massage just the smaller side for now. Although, if you are anything like me you want the growth more than the symmetry. I do my small side more, but not exclusively.

When you get the noogleberry make sure you get the xxl cups. Have you looked at the measurements to make sure they will be big enough for you? You've got a lot of boobage to start with, so congrats on that!
hahaha i'm the same! i massage the smaller one more but i make sure to give both a good rub Wink

yes! i was actually planning to go for the large ones but they i looked at the measurements and yeahhh i need to get the xxls. ahahah thank you! and thank you for advice Big Grin


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