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Hi guys.

I'm not sure this comes under the same bracket but I have been looking into skin needling. Any advice please????

Thanks Smile
Like a dermaroller? I am sure I have seen a section on here for that.
I find dermarollers great for scars and face anti aging what are you looking to use it for stretch marks or firmer breast skin?
Iv started with my stretch marks on my tummy and did my face the other day. Want to do my breasts but not sure how???!!! If you find the thread that would be a great help. Thanks for the response.
Using a dermatoller yea
I'm also using the derma roller from time to time Smile
Also used it on the boobs one time, didn't hurt but I got red marks
not sure what do u want skin needling for, but this article is super useful for dermarolling   Big Grin
If you have stretch marks, it works very well. I had stretch marks on my biceps from muscle gain and the roller worked. The scars/ stretch marks were greatly diminished.


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