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My journey
Nice to see visible progress, lookin' really good Smile
Yep! DEFINITELY some progress!! At LEAST a cup size!!
Your breasts are looking great hun :-). Keep up the good work!
Well I finally, did a full noogling session with my new CLs. One by one, but I did it. I can finally keep one dome on at a time. Still sore around the rims during the session, but not as bad as the first time. I got some swelling, but I felt a little different this time. Although the look was ok, I felt the feel of my breasts had less volume.

I then woke up this morning eager to see if I've grown or shrunk(I found a measuring tape!). To confirm my fears, I lost inches literally everywhere. My breast lost an inch, my weight lost 5 pounds and even my waist and hips took off a centimeter or two. What does this all conclude? I haven't been eating, drinking, and sleeping enough. This past month I did weigh myself. During the time I took the last pictures showing the great swelling I had previously, I was 121 pounds then. I Can lose weight very easily and I need to be careful. If I can change what I've done, I wouldn't have skipped breakfast and I would have drank more water. Of course I cannot change the past, so I need to incorporate these towards my future starting today. I'm disappointed in myself in letting work take over my life. Self-neglect is a bad habit of mine. Since I was young, if I ever got involved in a task, I put my all into it and as a result I lacked control in taking care of myself. It didn't help that my parents didn't do a good job in making sure I was fed. But luckily today, I have a loving family and can be reminded to do things because we do them together and take care of each other. But it's not enough if I don't take care of myself.

I have to work harder now to get what I want. But I need to take it one day at a time. Eat more, drink more, sleep more and less focus on work.

Don't live to work my friends, work to live!

I got measured a couple of times in pregnancy and went to Bravissimo who were fab.
In the past few weeks I've been using a bra extender as they were getting too tight .
I bought one nursing bra recently as it was in the sale, and I'm intending to put it in my hospital bag. But I think I'll go and get measured properly after the birth.



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