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GREAT results so far with CUPPING!
(16-05-2017, 01:09 PM)sweetorange Wrote:
(15-05-2017, 06:20 AM)Hudz Wrote: Hi, sorry I know I'm commenting on a very old post but this has me super intrigued. I want to try cupping and was wondering if anyone saw any more growth or has any more stories to share about cupping??? 

Please and thank you ?

Hi! I did not try it for a long time just for three months and at least it helps with breast shape! just make sure you don't use too much pressure because it can be painful to take them off!

Thank you  Smile 
I think I will try cupping and if I respond well I hopefully can convince hubby for a noogleberry  Rolleyes
I've tried your technique for a couple of days now and haven't had any real improvement. I also have some sagginess from nursing two kids so I wonder if this would work to firm up the breasts or just grow them? Any tips?
I think nooglers need to add this method to the routine . I did long time ago and helps with circulation and swelling. I guess I'll have to get back and be consistent with it! Blush
I might give this a shot since i don't have the money to buy a suction device yet  Huh
I don’t get much swelling from nooggling. Maybe it has something to do with the dome size and shape... with those little cups, do you put them on and move them in circles? Or you just put them on top your nipples, and leave them there ? Their diameters are only 1.4 inches, I don’t know how they will suck up the whole breasts.


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