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GREAT results so far with CUPPING!
(22-07-2014, 07:43 PM)Wishin Wrote:
(21-07-2014, 11:39 PM)msnewboobies Wrote: @wishin your breasts look so beautiful already!! It's always a great feeling when someone starts to notice a change in your breasts. Sometimes it's hard to notice yourself when you're looking and feeling them almost all day Lol!
Does your hubby know you're trying to grow them bigger??
I haven't told my boyfriend I want them bigger yet because I like using him as a really honest way to tell if they are actually growing haha. He knows I massage and cup them but I told him it was for roundness and perkiness.

Awww, thank you! He has no idea. My first reason is like you I want an honest opinion. Secondly I have a feeling he'd think I'm insane and try to talk me out of it. I have no room in my head for doubt so I try my best to stay positive using this forum Smile

I have the exact same reasons as you! He doesn't really believe in the whole nbe thing and only thinks a boob job will make breasts larger. He's told me he's okay with it too but I said I would never want fake boobs. I think they can look really great on some people, but just for me I have a more natural look all around and think they would just look so silly! And since I've come so far in nbe, I would feel like I cheated!
(14-07-2014, 06:43 PM)peggy Wrote: Thanks for sharing. I was cupping my boobs some time ago, but stopped because being lazy. I will start again. Big Grin

lol you and i peggy! now gotta start it again
Lol yes. I started some days ago, but I do not get any swelling from cupping. Sad Only from noogling. Huh
I am actively watching this thread but will stick with my program for now as I am annoying consistent growth so far! Thanks for all of the info! Happy cupping and growing galls! :-)
have you tried applying heat first? I want to try it and see if I get more swelling. Going to pick up some muscle rub soon.
Hi All,
Thought I would post another update!
I have a few things to say:

I haven't been getting any crazy swelling like I had the first three times I cupped.
I can't tell if it's because it was the first time my breasts had been exposed to cupping OR if it's because I was just at the end of my follicular phase when I started cupping and then I had that mini break because of my weekend trip and then was in my luteal phase when I started cupping again. But is that even a possibility?? lol I did switch from taking PM to chasteberry once I started my luteal phase.

On the PLUS side, I haven't lost any of the swelling I got from the initial cupping sessions!! woohoo!

When I look down at my breasts, they seem more pushed out. I feel like once they kinda "pop" out of my chest and actually hang, then the growth will really start to pick up. knock on wood though! haha

For now though, I will just keep up with the cupping even if I am not seeing thaat much swelling. I think someone said that you don't need to see swelling for there to be growth because the cups are pulling the breast tissue and stretching it out. Two days ago, I didn't have much to do so I cupped for about two and half hours. I saw some good swelling in the last 30 minutes, but still not comparable to my first swells.
I'm going to follow you. Congrats on keeping the growth!! Sounds like this is working for you Smile
This is an amazing technique! Thanks for sharing msnewboobies.
Any update for the cupping at this point in time? Do you still do it? Do the effects fade fast? Any negative things that made you stop?

Thank you!
(13-10-2015, 01:45 AM)happygolucky Wrote: Any update for the cupping at this point in time? Do you still do it? Do the effects fade fast? Any negative things that made you stop?

Thank you!

I haven't cupped in quite a few months. I got a nice boost in growth when I started cupping and it didn't fade. Still have the growth from it Smile
The only negative was that my nipples got bigger. Which I could see because I cupped my left one more than my right and my left nipple is still bigger than my right Sad But this was because I put the cups over my nipples, which gave me the greatest growth compared to just putting the cups on my breasts.
I switched to pumping and I just tape my nipples down so they don't get bigger!
I have seen similar results but I think I like pumping with a breast pump more now. I plateaued with cupping and used pumping to break the plateau.


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