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PM Program
I've been readin' about NBE for years. Scavegin' the internet for any information and personal experiences but all I got was assumptions based on hear-say or tryin' to sell me somethin'. This forum has by far given me the most insight to NBE ever. I hope to gain results to help others on their journey and learn from others to enhance my own Smile

Age 27
5'3", 110 lbs
3 kids age 5, 3, and 4 months
Breasts 32"
Very active. Work out 6 days a week with weights and some cardio.


PM 1000 mg 30 mins before breakfast and 1000 mg before bed
Fenugreek 1220 mg 30 mins before breakfast and 1220 mg before bed
Vitamin E 1000 mg
DHEA 50 mg
Calcium 600 mg after breakfast and 600 after dinner
Wild Yam cream 14% massage on breasts for 10 mins each before bed


Fenugreek same as above
Licorice Root 450 mg 30 mins before breakfast
Vitamin E same as above
DHEA same as above
Calcium same as above
Wild Yam cream same as above

I hope to have noticeable results by this time next year. I haven't completely cut out coffee but i have downgraded exceptionally. I used to drink 2 pots a day but now I only consume half a pot made up of half decaff and half reg. Caffiene is a drug and SO hard to give up! I also eat plenty of protein on account of my workouts.
That's a good plan. try removing licorice and replacing it with hops and asparagus (for the second part of the cycle). licorice might not be so helpful. Hops has many properties that are useful. fenugreek is good, and it has the same active ingredient as wild yam. pueraria m is also good.
I worry that hops will cause me to gain weight. Maybe i'm associatin' it with beer and the dreaded beer belly? I'm not sure if hops is the main factor behind beer belly or is it the other ingredients in beer that cause the weight gain. I dont want a big belly along with big breasts lol
Which brand of PM are you taking? That might be a little high of a dosage to start off with. Easing into and building up slowly would reduce the initial side effects.
Also, I have read that FG should not be taken with PM. Instead, FG should be taken as a weaker estrogen during the luteal phase. Can anyone else shed some light or back this up?
I took them together and ended up becoming estrogen-dominant but there were other factors that contributed to it as well.
You might benefit from applying wild yam cream just in the second half of your program and omitting it from the first half (progesterone should be highest in the luteal phase).
And maybe add some more massage in. FSO oil is good for massaging Smile
When I upped my massage time throughout the day, I saw more growth.

I second removing the licorice as well. Maybe try spearmint instead - you can take it your whole cycle.

Other than that, it seems like you have a really good base program!!
Think positive booby thoughts Smile and good luck!! Hope you see some results soon!
oh. I know estrogens move fat away from the belly and into other areas, but prolactin and progesterone aren't estrogens. All three (progesterone, prolactin, estrogen) can cause boob growth. Hops increases prolactin and progesterone. I'm not sure of the science behind beer belly, whether it has to do with calories in beer, or it has a different effect on genders. There's asparagus.
Spearmint increases the hormones (LH, FSH) that may start the follicular phase. Those two hormones are used to increase egg release and preparation. It might be used for its estrogen effect, but it will lessen the times when prolactin and progesterone work during the luteal phase. It could have potential use for a different effect.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles...objectonly effect of herbs on hormones
Thanks! I read somewhere here that fenugreek was okay to take with PM but i may have read wrong. I'll replace the licorice, too.
Oh, and i take Ainterol brand PM which i've read is made of wild pueraria mirifica so should be taken in higher doses to be as effective but i could be wrong and am happy to hear any input Smile.


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