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If you don't have the money then you can almost always tell by the signs your body gives you. Maca is helpful in balancing hormones as well so you might want to try that before or with the herbs you want to take.
Hi ladies Tongue For me, when I took Maca, it didn't help. All it did was make me gain in my hips, thighs, and butt. Didn't help balance my hormones at all. I'm getting ready to do a comeplete detox to flush my body and then take a rest before I start anymore hormones. Fennel and Fenugreek are the best for breast health and enhancement.
Ok I'll def try to go to all the doctors to try my luck, including public doctors and school doctors. Hopefully I'll have concrete numbers the next time!
This is me in a 28D unpadded bra, I've been wearing it for 3 months now. I measure 31"(without) - 32"(with period swelling) without a bra.

Currently, after proper strap positioning, I'm measuring 33" with a bra on. I measure about 32" without the support.

Still rather torn between 28D or 28DD or 28E. Using these:

I get 28E for 33" over bust and 27.25" band.

I think you girls might think this current white bra is still too small cup wise? Because it is not under my armpits, but pushing my breasts inward. I'm thinking of ordering new sizes. Any comments?

I have also managed to raise my BBT from 36.2 to 36.7/8, by taking white phoenix pills once after the end of my period and occasionally, a pill of dong quai, ginseng and cordyceps. These are available at Traditional Chinese Medicine stores. (I live in Asia)

I will start PM again next cycle I think. Will keep this page updated, if there are any changes Smile

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My measurements are 32" without bra and 33" with. Should I go with a 28DD or 28E? Thanks in advance for any comments Smile
(23-09-2014, 05:09 PM)loverstilly Wrote: My measurements are 32" without bra and 33" with. Should I go with a 28DD or 28E? Thanks in advance for any comments Smile

It's really going to depend on the bra, the cut and style. If it is an option to try both on that will give you the best idea of which size works best. If it is lined or padded I find the larger cup works well. If it is unlined I find the smaller cup works best. Based just on your measurements, though, I would tend to go with 28DD.
Update: My breasts look rather happy in their unpadded 28D homes now. Didn't get a chance to do any NBE lately. But I will have a good 8-9 month break that I can dedicate to NBE soon. Happy! Smile

I want to be bigger as I want to have a nicer side profile (still looks flat to me now) and also want them to be closer together and to fill up at the top. Will not take PM as it is really not working for me. Probably will go more with massage and noogling.

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