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RE: Head injury prevention
Preventing Head Injuries
It's impossible to prevent kids from ever being injured, but there are ways to help prevent head blows.
Make sure that:
1. your home is childproofed to prevent household accidents
2. your kids always wear appropriate headgear and safety equipment when biking, in-line skating, skateboarding, snowboarding or skiing, and playing contact sports. Wearing a bike helmet, for instance, reduces the risk of concussion by about 85%.
3.kids always use a seat belt or child safety seat
4.your child takes it easy after a head injury, especially after a concussion, and doesn't go back to rough play or playing sports until the injury has healed. (If your child reinjures the brain while it's still healing, it will take even more time to completely heal. Each time a person has a concussion, it does additional damage.)


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