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BO* UB Tonic for sale!
Hey ladies!
Im getting ready to move in with my bestest friend I've known since childhood! I'm clearing out my cupboard of herbs n tonics.

I have some UB tonic (brewed for 5 months) its the double strength, made from an expensive gluten free alcohol medium. I'm selling it for dirt cheap. I just need the money right now for the move and first month's etc.
Since I'm on break from BO anyway, I don't need it.

Here is what I have left:

26 (count) UB tincture in 1 oz dropper bottles

Each ounce can last 28 days to double depending on how you take it. If you have a 30 day cycle, get an extra ounce to cover the next full cycle if you want a certain amount of months.

Price per ounce is $20 (no extra handling or fees, shipping and insurance is covered Wink.

This formula works great for women who are estrogen dominant and even those with Hashimotos or hypothryroidism like myself.

So my recommendation is for 10 drops 2x daily or 10 2x daily for the first couple of months for those who weigh under a 100lbs. and those who weigh over, start with 10 drops 3x daily or 15 drops 2x daily, then ramp up after the 2nd cycle if need be. I did it for 4 months and grew a little over a cup (UB) so this was a great dose to take it at.

Then ramp up to 40 drops daily divided by 2 or 3 doses (my weight 102 lbs.) If you feel you need to ramp up from there, wait at least a month before doing so. Because it will mysteriously catch up with you If you take too much, you'll start to ache significantly and it can be painful. So be sure to skip a dose and drop it down right away.

PM me if interested. FREE SHIPPING PRIORITY IN THE US! Get it in 2-3 business days. Each ounce comes with its own dropper bottle and its got measurements in the dropper! Also, its insured in the U.S.
Willing to trade bountiful breast pills (1.5 months) for 3 months (3oz) worth of Ultra Breast tincture.

Great deal for you because you get more than what you trade! And a great deal for me since i have hashis and need grassfed sourced bo for possible allergy regarding grain-fed animals Smile just a precautionary preferrence.

Just pm me Smile to work out the details.
Hey gals!

I am just making a last note on my UB tonic. I have 22 bottles (oz) left and I wont be making this nor selling this as I cant source the glands for wholesale and so it would be pointless to make any more. I wont be able to sell it at my friend's TCM clinic for that reason, it'd just be to expensive for what we want to offer her patients/clients.

So, Im focusing on my male formulaBig Grin for the clinic. The trials are going well.

So if you want to pick up the last of this UB tonic, feel free to pm me. If you find you like it, you can always make your own and take mine while yours is brewing. Its the same low price. its aged quite well by now. If anyone has been curious about BO and wants to try a more potent, controlled version of it, I'd say go for it and chase with Bountiful Breast or Ultra Breast pills. It makes your program more efficient and the tonic will last a long time since you are taking even less.

$20 an ounce (shipping and insurance covered in US) and I suggest 6 bottles for a real evaluation. If buying from medplex or BB site, its worth getting over 3 months worth. They are both great sources as well as swansons. But what I like about UB and BB, is that there are no fillers. My tonic is also filler free and gelatin free.

After 3 months of being off BO and fasting and dieting and whatever else crazy I have been doing, my breasts are still there, nice and large! So my testimony to BO so far is, yes, its permanent Wink
Just stick with it for long term and it will happen.

Happy growing this year!

I wanted to pm you about this but your mail box is so full I couldn't send it. Can you please empty out your mail box BlushBlushBlush
Sorry about that hun. I cleared my inbox.
I have some BO tonic from a custom order ( person has not paid) let me know if you want it. I normally sell it for $28 an oz. I have 9 bottles and you can get it @$20 an oz. Free shipping n insurance in the u.s.

Pm me...
I have 5 bottles of BO and thats a good 5+ months. Good with ultrabreast pills as you would take less or slightly more than half a days dose of each.
are these still available?
Sorry. Everything has been soldSad
I have my own (wholesale) source for BO and Ive got some left over tonic from a custom order.

The price is $28 per oz. I make it the same way as I did with The others, double strength.
Grassfed (New zealand)
It's pure unprocessed so all the hormones are in there, no herbs, no additives whatsoever or fillers!

Swansons has fillers, UB is American or China sourced (grainfed) and no longer available.
BB is just way too expensive. But none the less, they all work.

I just wanted something pure and pasture fed sourced. It's still free shipping in the u.s. and it comes sealed.
just pm me.

Here is my listing:



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