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successful breast augmentation, self-confidence up!
Q. Why are you planning on having a breast surgery?
A. I've always had small breasts but after giving a birth, breast feeding made my breast to go even smaller and saggy.

Q. What do you expect to be changed in your lift after surgery?
A. For starters, clothes would fit me better. And I would definitely be more confident.

Q. How did people react after your surgery?
A. Everyone was surprised because I look completely different now

Q. What do you think about your breasts and how do you feel now?
A. They feel very soft and it feels like they are really a part of my body now.
I would definitely like to recommend a breast surgery to anyone who wants their confidence back and improve their self-esteem as that’s how I feel now.

should you have a interest, click this link.

please refer to this video.

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new link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb-mqB7tGvI

I'm confuses you mean implants?
No I really don't think anyone here are much interested in fake plastic this site is for growing breasts with natural methods a lot of women have great success with growing their own breast not having unnatural objects under their skin.

THIS particular section of this site is, as the subforum describes.. for breast implants and augmentation and other surgeries.. The fact that this section is here, and populated with a fair number of threads is indicative that there ARE people on this site interested in the topic (both for and against). If that bothers you you may want to avoid this section then.. you are welcome to your opinion, but being snide and rude about it is bad form and only makes you look bad.

I really dont want implants . but will have to look at it as a option if my breast dont grow the size I want . and I love the implant look . so full . O and your breast look fantastic . ♥♡♥
I didn't take what Bonita said as rude OR snide, just advisory. I guess she didn't know there was such a section here. I've been here over a year, now, and I didn't know it, either. I'm pretty sure Boniita only just got here last summer(?). I, first, thought the OP was showing results from our normal methods, not implants.
Bonitta's been on here for over 2 years now, she got amazing growth from NBE, she's an inspiration and a great person. I don't think her intention was to be rude but merely over protective since the user ilovelookup only made one post which is this one promoting breast surgery. I think the purpose of this section is for people that are considering breast surgery and don't know any better, to get encouraging advise and support from people that believe in NBE or from users that have got breast jobs then removed it (which is discussed in previous threads on this section).
very true girls . . I see no need to make gurls out as fake that has breast implants . but I see the point that she defended wat she believe in and didn't intend to attack anyone .
Please, see Post #31 below:


Be Wise, POM
You can refer this video on Breast augmentation


You will get the idea about breast agumentation...


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