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Natural Beauty Remedies
Hey all. So I have sloowwwwllly transitioned into making all of my own beauty products. There are still a few more things I need to stop buying by the brand and create (like shampoo and conditioner) but for the most part, everything is mixed by me! This will save you a ton of money and allow you to avoid using any harsh chemicals while creating high-quality products! All natural baby!

I have thee most sensitive skin! Ever since I was a kid I have had rashes, such as little bumps on my cheeks, back of my thighs and upper arms. Absolutely NOTHING could help get rid of these issues. Well, since I've gone natural I don't have these problems anymore. More on what those specific products are in another post though.

Anyway, I am going to use this thread to post my recipes and hopefully inspire a few!

First up is Rose/Rosemary hair, face and body spray. What you need

*Rose petals from about 10-15 roses
* Handful of Rosemary

Directions: Fill pot with water (filtered preferably) and bring to a boil. Add rose petals and rosemary sprigs (remove from stem). You will stir this occasionally until the rose petals have almost completely lost all color. This will take around 50 minutes I'd say. If you need to add more water during the process, do so! Let cool and then pour into spray bottle. I just use an old Victoria's Secret body splash bottle because it mists perfectly. Make sure to strain it when pouring so no debris gets into the bottle. Store in refrigerator the whole time. It should be good for at LEAST 2 weeks if not more. Just smell it after that time to see if the smell is changing. Spray in your hair, massage into scalp and on face and body. It makes you smell great and adds great moisture to your hair and face.

I suffer from dry hair from dying it and this really helps to keep is moist! The face too, wow! Wrinkles are caused by lack of moisture, remember! It is important to always keep skin dewy!
2nd beauty treatment for the night: White fungus & Rose beauty serum.

Compare this to Origins Mega Mushroom serum

What you will need:

*White fungus bought in Asian grocery stores

* Rose petals from about 5 roses

* Small bottle with dropper

Directions: Fill a pot with water (filtered) and bring to a boil. Add white fungus (not roses yet). Boil for about 10 minutes to soften and remove any impurities. Remove fungus and cut off hard parts (stem). Cut it up good and put back into boiling water with rose petals)

Let boil for about an hr. adding water if needed. When finished this will create a thick serum that is really, really good for your skin!. Serums are usually SO expensive! You will need to strain this through cheesecloth or a tea filter when pouring into bottle. You don't want any debris getting into the bottle.

This must stay in refrigerator the whole time. Apply whenever. It will last 1-2 weeks. Smell for any changes in odor. That is how you know when to stop using it.

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Hair - yogurt mask, adds moisture and smells great if you use a good yogurt. mayonnaise or miracle whip, doesn't smell so great but adds tons of moisture. olive oil - adds lots and lots of shine and helps with split ends.
Hi Jennifer,

thanks for your recipes. I am making all of my own beauty products (soap for body, face and hair, facial MSM water with vitamin C, moisturizer for my bf, deodorant, tooth powder, mineral foundation, lip balm etc.)

I think it is lots of fun making your own cosmetic with safe ingredients and it is inside what YOU want. Smile
MEANWHILE I'm spending HUNDREDS on all my beauty products! Maybe I might start looking into making my own too, thanks for the tips.
Yes my poor little daughter has those little bumps and I have never used chemicals on her. Sadly when she was little my mother in law looked after her for a few hours a day while I worked and would bath her in chemcials. I truly hope this isn't the cause. You couldn't tell her otherwise!!
You guys should post recipes that you use! I will try them!

Here's one I've been doing lately since my humidifier broke and it's SO dry out! My eyes have been so dry and red, it's killing me! Boiling water (DUH) plus adding herbs. This puts moisture back into the air, it's a natural air freshener AND heater! It's definitely warming the house. Humid air is great for the skin! I will run it for a couple hours usually, adding more water when needed. I have lavender & thyme in it right now and it smells soooooo good!

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I make my own face serum/toner with rosewater, half a tbsp of glycerine and few drops of jojoba oil and it works great as a base for my moisturizer and gives me a nice glow. I want to add green coffee bean oil to this mixture for antiaging benefits as well. I highly recommend it Smile
There are other sources too.

Lotion or conditioner
Emulsifying wax NF
20% any oil(s), or less.  Vegetable oil works, or you can get better ones.
0.5% xanthan gum, or 0-1% depending on desired thickness
Optional: Leucidal Liquid SF (natural but not 100% effective preservative; non-SF is even less reliable), or a chemical preservative
Any essential oils or extracts or other ingredients you want.
Water, balance.  Or 100 times better is fresh aloe, straight from the leaf.  Squeeze or blend and strain, such as through a cheese cloth.  Bottled gel isn't the same, nor even lotion you made with fresh aloe more than a week ago.

Melt wax over low heat.  Add oil and xanthan gum while it melts.  Stir until gum is free of clumps.  Add water or aloe and warm and stir until wax melts again.  Turn off heat.  Keep stirring occasionally as it cools.  If it separates, warm it up again, turn off heat again, and stir more this time.  If using a preservative, wait until it reaches 125F or below before adding.  If using aloe, add little by little and don't let it get too hot but don't let it separate either (e.g., from rapid cooling without stirring).  Refrigerate for 1-2 weeks.  1 week if using aloe, preferably within 3 days, and don't bother with the preservative because it won't remain potent either way.  Likewise with other fresh plants.  If using a preservative it may last months or years without refrigeration, but Leucidal is a little iffy and many ingredients can degrade within a few months if not sooner.  Refrigeration will greatly extend this time.  The surest way is to refrigerate, use it soon, keep rebuying ingredients, and refrigerate any natural ingredients you plan on holding for more than a few months.  Even if they're dry and don't spoil.

Plain oil works too and needs no preservatives.  However you may only add other oils to it (such as essential oils), and you must remember to use much less and spread it thin.  You still often want to refrigerate anything that won't be used within a few months.  Plain aloe is wonderful too of course, or aloe followed by oil or a lotion.
(20-01-2014, 01:01 AM)Jenniferlove Wrote: You guys should post recipes that you use!  I will try them!

Here's one I've been doing lately since my humidifier broke and it's SO dry out!  My eyes have been so dry and red, it's killing me!  Boiling water (DUH) plus adding herbs.  This puts moisture back into the air, it's a natural air freshener AND heater!  It's definitely warming the house.  Humid air is great for the skin!  I will run it for a couple hours usually, adding more water when needed.  I have lavender & thyme in it right now and it smells soooooo good!

You better get another humidifier.  That's a great way to get mold and mildew in your walls, ceiling and so on.  One with controlled humidity will get the air to where you need it without making it so high that you get mold.

Natural shampoo is basically water, oil and glycerin.  Add other natural ingredients as desired.  If the water is very low or zero, and the glycerin is high enough then you need no preservatives.  But then make sure you use less since it's not as diluted.

For soap you probably want to buy a natural soap.  Glycerin is often used as liquid soap though.


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