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Mid Cycle Bright Red Bleeding
(27-10-2013, 11:35 PM)loverstilly Wrote: Hey guys, I have this issue too. If I cycle days 1-14, then my period will come early on day 21 or so. Around 7 days after I stop PM pills.

So I'm kinda confused on what I should do. Should I cycle day 7-21? Or should I not cycle at all?

Any pros have insights on this, like does that indicate perhaps estrogen dominance or something like that? Thanks in advance!!! Smile

Maybe you want to cycle just 7-12 to tailor the peak of estrogen only...

I have really normal periods and so my doctor told me it wouldn't be worth it to pay a ton of money to get my hormones tested. I probably do have a bit of androgen excess though with my thyroid being all crazy. Right now I"m going to go topical for awhile and if I ever go back to PM I am going to start at 250mg a day and no more. I need my body to work itself out though and get a bit of control with my thyroid. I'm going to try Natureday soap and Breast Advance Cream.
Couldnt using progesterone cream during the second half of your cycle help lengthen your period if PM is making it come early?


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