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Pm and low progesterone/ estrogen dominant
Hello all, i think i may be Estrogen dominant or/and have low Progesterone.
Iv'e already asked for a hormone test but my doctor said that it didn't exist -_-

I was just wondering if the 500mg of PM i'm currently taking daily would be making my low progesterone worse ?
If i stop taking the PM i dont feel better, nothing changes except the fact i lose breast growth/ swelling.

im currently applying 3 drops of FG extract to each breast for massage ( as they are quite small )
And ive just gone and bought PM extract to replace the FG extract im running out of.
All this pm should make my estrogen dominance worse right ?

I think i should be safe if the pm extract does make me worse, because then i can start using a progesterone cream on my breasts instead to counteract the low progesterone and high estrogen ?

Any advice will be appreciated, i swear no one replies to these posts !!
Thank you for reading x Smile
If you cant get yourself tested then maybe you can listen to your body and check signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance.

Also, you might want to try Progesterone Cream if you feel Estrogen dominant just to balance hormones...

Im no expert and you can try to do research around the net too. =)
Thankyou Smile
i have been researching and i have a lot of symptoms that point me towards estrogen dominant/ low progesterone including:
*Low libido/ sex drive ( im only 18.. that has to be wrong ! ) i always want to sleep, i would rather sleep over sex
*I have excessive body hair
*Tired when i wake up with 8-10 hours sleep
*Really bad memory ( cant remember what i had for lunch yesterday )
*Nails that break easily
*Dry skin
The list could go on..

Thinking about getting this :


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