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Ultra Breast v/s Bountiful Breast
While I feel completely confident recommending Bountiful Breast to someone, I don't feel good about the price, even though in my mind when compared to breast surgery it's cheaper. Anastasia has discussed the Ultra Breast quite a bit and it seems it's a lot cheaper, so I wanted to look into it a bit more and decided why only do a comparison for myself, why not share it and hopefully, anastasia can join this with me and fill in some blanks for me. That way, I get my questions answered, but it will be here for other ladies in the future to go through to help them make their choice as to which one to use.


Ultra Breast
(from website)
400 MG Bovine Ovary
50 MG Ipriflavone
15 MG Wild Yam Extract

Bountiful Breast
(from their bottle)
Propietary Blend 525 mg
Bovine Oavaries
Pituitary Gland substance

So, I can't really say exactly how much of the mix in Bountiful Breast is actually Bovine Ovary since they don't say and there is no mention at all of an ingredient that would supply the progesterone they claim to have in theirs, but this statement can be found on the Bountiful Breast website "Our breast enlargement capsules are a completely safe, natural, progesterone-based glandular product." so why isn't it on the bottle saying what provides the progesterone?
On the other hand Ultra Breast does list Wild Yam right on their bottle, so their statement of progesterone is supported. However, they do not have Pituitary Gland in their tablets. Some women say it helps, others say it doesn't I really don't have a clue either way. Anyway the point of this part was to compare their blends. They seem to have some slight variations between the two, we'll see what else we come up with.

So how quickly does it work according to each companies website compared with personal experience?

Ultra Breast
website statement
On average, our breast enhancement customers begin to see and feel results in the third to sixth month of directed use. And, while gradual growth over six months is the norm to achieve fuller, more luscious breasts, many women use the capsules for a year or more to increase breast size by 3 or 4-cup sizes permanently, with no maintenance necessary.
Bountiful Breast
website statement
Many customers use the Bountiful Breast® natural breast enlargement system for six months to a year, to increase three to four cup sizes over time. Results vary from woman to woman. On average, our breast enhancement clients see results beginning in the fourth week of directed use. Breast augmentation will occur gradually over time so that many clients have used Bountiful Breast® enhancers for a year or more to increase breast size by 3 or 4 cup sizes permanently

Personal experience from Ultra Breast
I can't answer this one, hopefully someone else will submit theirs

Personal experience on Bountiful Breast
I had taken it for 6 weeks before anything happened. I thought at first is was because I took the wrong supplement to start with, but have since thought it is probably all about cycles. I only get tingles and growth over about a 5-7 day period the last week before my period. I started my pills about 1 1/2 weeks before my period started so nothing happened at all for me that month. It may just depend on the woman as to how growth works, but this is how mine works.I average about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 of an inch per month in that week of growth. I started out a 34AA according to the calculators and the fact that a B cup was too big on me, but that's what I bought. Anyway, I'm now wearing a 36 C. I was in a 34 C, but began noticing I hung out on the side of the cup a bit and I don't do that with the 36. I've been taking the pills for almost 5 months now to achieve this.

Okay this is a BIG one ... PRICE!

Ultra Breast
1 month 19.95
2 months 34.94
3 months 55.95
6 months 105

Bountiful Breast
1 1/2 month 137
4 1/2 months 317
9 months 467
13 1/2 months 597

So of course Ultra Breast is waaaay cheaper! I will say from experience though that the bountiful breast prices are not set in stone. If you call them, they will offer a cheaper price to make the sale, but we're talking just a small discount. I think last I heard mention on this forum, someone got it for 530 and I paid 400 back during the summer.

I know for me testimonials played a HUGE part in me biting the bullet and giving BO a try. Since both sites have way too many to put here, I'm going to provide a link to both and you can decide which you find more convincing



So, that's what I have so far. If I knew without a doubt that the Ultra Breast blend worked just as good as Bountiful Breast I would hands down say I would reccommend it to people over Bountiful Breast, but until I can hear from some ladies that can say for sure they have seen a difference from it, I can't do that, and believe me, I would like to, since my sister in law is looking to try it out now. I hate for her to pay more if she can get the same results for less.
Hello ladies (and gents),

I used BO from Ultrabreast from November 2008 until about September 2009. For a few months, I used Swiss Lamb Placenta with it. I drank a lot of protein shakes, about 50-75 grams.

I grew from 31 inches to 33/34 inches. I grew from an AAAA to an AA. Within that time period I took a lot of breaks. I had gone on vacation and didn't take BO for about a month. In total I took BO for 6 months. When I would stop BO I would not lose anything.

I breastfed 2 kids and was left with just empty skin and a very flat chest. Before becoming pregnant I was a very full B. I was unhappy with my breasts at that size and wanted implants. I went to fill out the application for financing but was denied because I had just turned 18 and had no credit.

After taking BO for sometime my growth seemed to slow down so I decided to give it a break and try something new. I was thinking about implants again. I had decided to try one more thing and if it didn't work I would get implants, after exhausting all possible natural methods to gain the breast size I wanted. That is when I found Noogleberry. Now I have been taking Pueraria Mirifica (for about 2 months) and using Noogleberry (for about 4 months in total). I have since gone up from an AA to a full C.

If I never get any bigger than I am right now, I will still be very happy with my breasts as they are now, but I am going to continue with my current program until I get to a D or DD. Now it seems so much closer to reach my goal.

If anyone has any other questions, I will be happy to answer them.
Okay, as far as the ingredients of Ultra Breast straight from the bottle...
This is per pill...
Bovine Ovary 540mg
Ipriflavone 60mg
Wild Yam Extract 18mg

I'm not sure why the site says 400mg and the bottle says 540mg for Bovine Ovary, but I believe someone on this site is emailing them to ask why. I do know that Ultra Breast is made in USA it is made in a FDA approved lab, and the Bovine source is from US cows. Bountiful Breast, I don't remember where it's made, I think in Europe but I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the Bovine source is New Zealand cattle. Now generic BO we have no clue where the bovine source is, and that can sometimes be harmful from what I read. I read that someone took a BO supplement made by a generic company and got mad cow disease because it was from China cattle. So DEFINITELY do your research and find out where your supplements are made! I emailed Ultra Breast to ask, this is how I know, I will forward the emails to anyone that wants them.

As far as my experience so far with Ultra Breast... I have been using Noogleberry for 6 months, so I can't say if it's the UB or NB that is doing it, but I have gone up a cup size so far, from a 32B to a 32C. I have been taking Ultra Breast for a little over 2 months now, what I can say is that before taking UB I had some sensations of growing while pumping, but not when not pumping, now since after the first month of UB I get the sensations alot stronger and I have them all the time. And it seems since taking UB my swelling from NB is becoming more permanent. I have not taken any breaks from UB but I did have to take a break from NB for 2 weeks during Thanksgiving, and there have been a few days here and there where I couldn't pump. And during those 2 weeks I did not lose a whole lot. Mainly just a little fullness. I think if I wasn't taking UB at the same time I probably would have lost more than I did. I plan on taking UB as directed, I have been taking the recommended 3 pills a day, and am continuing to do so. I planned on taking this the long haul since everything I read on BB says it can take a little over a year to see the maximum results. I know I have the potential to have big boobs, because my biological mother was a DD by the time she was 16 and she has the same structure I do. It's just she is now obese because she was an alcoholic and after rehab she replaced booze with food. But before that she was as small as I am. So I believe I have the potential to be big, though I think a 32D would be perfect, any bigger would be too big in my opinion, but we'll see lol I said that about a C.

Now the sensations I get with UB, whenever I take it and get my protein in, I get the under the skin itching sensation, I get a few what feels like muscle spasms (I have muscle spasms in my back and it's the only other thing I can compare it to that I've felt). I did breastfeed but never had any "let down" feelings that most women talk about. Also my nipples have been itching some, they get erect alot more and feel as if they are being stimulated when they aren't. As far as the "growth" I've gotten so far in the 2 months I added UB to my NB routine, I'd say it's added another inch. But to get an inch in 2 months, I think it's very good.

Okay so, since BB doesn't list how much BO is in their product, I will map out how much BO I'm taking a day...if it has 540mg like the bottle says, I take 3 pills per day, that's 1620mg of BO per day, if theirs 400mg in each pill then that's 1200mg per day, either way I think that's a good amount.

Now the reason I went with Ultra Breast is because it seemed like good quality for a good price. Bountiful Breast is what I wanted to try, but the price was just too much for me to buy it and get the protein I needed. When deciding to try BO you have to take in consideration you need protein powder! Protein shakes are not cheap, neither are a good protein bar. Adjusting your diet is pretty easy, I eat alot more meat now, I eat tuna fish more often. Also you have to take in consideration you might need something to help your body temperature. I have a good body temp everytime I check mine, so I don't think I need a supplement to help it. But I know others might need it. So just know it doesn't matter if you go with Ultra Breast or Bountiful Breast, either way you will need to spend more money than just the money for the pills! I knew that before I bought them. I have spent alot of money on NBE the past 4 years, so really didn't bother me. I would think and hope that no matter which one, UB or BB they are both good products, and you should get results with both if you take them like you are suppose to and get your protein in, etc.
Anastasia, where did you read that someone took generic BO and got cow disease??? I've been on this forum and the old ones for over three years, and have done alot of research on the use of glandular supplements, and have never seen reference to this. Can you find a link to it? Frankly I've been taking it for three years, and I'm doing good, so I'm not concerned, but I'd be interested in reading what you are referring to. Thanks.
It wasn't on these forums, it was on a medical type site, where people ask doctors questions. I had it bookmarked on my old computer, but don't have it on this new one, and my old one I already restored to factory settings cause I sold it. So don't have the link anymore. I'd say whatever brand you are using, email the manufacturer and ask them where the BO is from. If I find the link in reference to it, I'll definitely post it here.
I have seen these postings and I finally decided I would register and let everyone know what I know about these two products.

Bountiful Breast is a homeopathic and glandular.
The glandulars (bovine ovary and pituitary) come from Argentina. Company around for a long time, lots of real testimonials.

Bountiful Breast does not use soy or wild yam. Soy disrupts the thyroid gland, the thyroid is part of the breast enlargement process. Soy is a phytoestrogen. The glandulars contain dna/rna material that goes directly to the cells in the human body. BB works because of the glandulars and the homeopathics.

Ultrabreast soy and ovary, the glandulars come from China. Ultrabreast is designed to be a similar copy of Bountiful Breast. Ultrabreast is made in S. Florida at a facility called Nutrition Formulators.

Any actual progesterone is not what makes the breasts grow.

I am sure both products will work to some degree. Maybe one works better than the other for some women due to the extra ingredients and technology. This is not my concern in writing this though.

Many women did not grow in puberty or did not grow very much, some have damage from weight lose and breast feeding. In older age the body simply will not make bigger breasts unless you find a way to re-stimulate it or you gain weight.

Yes, there are some differences in the products. There is a more serious issue here than does it work and does one work better than the other?
The question is what difference does it make if one source is from China and the other is Argentina? Answer: mad cow disease. There are only two countries that are BSE free, New Zealand and Argentina.

Why would anyone use Chinese glandulars that could be unsafe? COST. It is cheaper to pay Chinese people to remove glands from cows than it is to hire people in New Zealand and Argentina.

The factory that manufactures Ultrabreast has been sued many times for cheating on the contents of the products they make for various vitamin companies. Like CoQ10 for instance, they say they have 100mg and instead put in 10. This saves the factory a lot of money and the customer gets cheated or their health gets jeopardized.

How do I know this? I know someone who quit working there due to the serious breach of ethics. Now NF owes 5 million dollars to this woman who was maimed for life using their product.
I could say a lot more but I won't. I guess the old adage, "you get what you pay" for holds true. Let the buyer beware.Dodgy
Here is an article from Nov. 2009 on NF:

You don't need protein powder if your diet is good and you eat enough protein from sources like eggs, eggs are inexpensive. I would just call the BB people and ask for a discount.
They have one on the website right now. The ladies who work there are very nice and helpful.
I used BB without protein but I eat very well and I grew just fine without it. Good luck and Happy Holidays everyoneHeart
Excellent post ladies! This was exactly what I was hoping for, some good solid information and everyone putting their wealth of knowledge into one thread to help others when it comes to making their choices. Lady DO, I really appreciate what you contributed. When put in those terms I don't feel bad about the price when telling someone what has worked for me and recommending they try it.

Thanks all and keep em coming!

LadyDO, I emailed Ultra Breast directly, they said the BO is from US cattle, and every other thing in it is from the US. So I'm not sure why they would tell me that if it's from China.
Thank you so much for this great sharing. This really great information.
I like that so much. if you have more information, then please share
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