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Dips in Hips
Hello lovely ladies!!
So, I have another question. I am new here, and this is my second post, so I hope I'm not overwhelming anyone! Big Grin
Okay my hip measurement is 38 inches, my waist is 30, and my butt is 40. However my hips seem to dip off and flatten. I have a very short torso, and my hips seem to start right away hahah! I don't really mind this much, except for the fact they aren't ROUNDED. And that's what I'd like to achieve. If you know of an exercise that could achieve this, do let me know! Thanks! <3


Hi Stephani!

You need to BUILD (notice, I did not say "tone") your gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and your tensor fasciae latae muscles. Additionally, to get that curvy hip look you are going for, you will need to lose some fat off of your hip bone (aka love handles!).

Ok, I will touch on the second point first. The best way to do this is to do interval training. See: http://voices.yahoo.com/guide-hiit-cardi...at=50#true. This is the best way to target burning off fat and avoid burning off nice muscle. I have no idea what your diet is like, so I will not say anything on caloric intake, as you will need to take less to lose fat and take more to gain muscle. But I WILL say that it is important to avoid processed and refined foods that are high in sugar, sugar derivatives and preservatives. CLA is the one healthy fat that has been reported to decrease SPECIFICALLY fat around the midsection, and it can be found in softgel pills as well as naturally in meats and dairy products (see: http://www.nowloss.com/good-fats-that-bu...weight.htm ). If you choose to also take a form of GLA with your CLA, take the black currant seed oil because borgae oil can potentially be harmful to your liver, and between evening primrose oil and black currant seed oil, the latter has the most GLA in it per miligram. There is a lot of other information about tightening up the midsection with TVA exercises (aka stomach vacuum) and spot reduction with cardio (please use HIIT here), contracting the abdominal muscles, and warming the stomach area during your cardio, that appears on my waist-is-small-and-curves-are-kickin' thread. Please take a look and after reading, send questions my way!

So, now that we are chiseling away at the top of your hip, it is time to build up the part beneath it that you want to round out. That would be your gluteus minimus and medius muscles, as mentioned above, as well as the tensor fasciae latae muscles. If you have access to a gym, these muscles are targeted on the Abductor Machine. You can also get an ankle strap connected to the cables and do side kicks (kicking your leg like a scissor to the side). You can also lay on your side on the floor and raise your upper leg while resting a dumbell on your hip or having an ankle weight on your ankle (but I suggest the other exercises because this one makes it more difficult to lift heavy weights). Well, here they are, I am going to do less talking and let you look at these websites: http://voices.yahoo.com/top-4-leg-abduct...html?cat=5. What is CRUCIAL to remember is that you will need to lift HEAVY weights--as heavy as you can do while effectively (meaning with a full range of motion and with proper form) executing 8-12 reps. Try 3-4 sets with a minute long break in between each set. Do this no more than twice a week (since you will be doing it only twice a week, this should motivate you to workout that much harder when you are lifting!). This will allow for an adequate amount of recovery time for your muscles to grow. You will also need to increase your protein intake. If this is the only weight lifting you will plan on doing, I would take a little under the amount of grams of protein as the amount of pounds you weigh. I do a lot of weight lifting for my lower body and light weight lifting for my upper body, and I (when NOT on my break) consume AT LEAST 140 grams of protein a day in both my foods and protein shakes. While I am on my breaks, I consume about 100-120 grams of protein a day just for muscle maintenance. Check out my thread (mentioned above) again for information on diet for muscle building.

I hope this helped and was not overwhelming!
Phew! I'm going to have to read that quite a few times to get all of the knowledge you've given me! Thank you! This is great! Thank you so much! I unfortunately do not have access to a gym, so I'm stuch with a few 5lb dumbells and a duffel bag I've filled up with weights and heavy books(x But it's something! Thank you so much for your help, I'm excited to see progress(:
Put bricks in that duffel bag, baby! The greater the weight, the greater the resistance. The greater the resistance, the greater the tearing at your muscle fibers. The greater the tearing, the more the muscles will want to build! Like the deeper the cut, the more pronounced the scar/callous. Tear it up!!!!
I actually have some cement blocks in my backyard hahah(x
I just measured the weight, and it looks as if it's about 40 pounds. Is that too little? Or should I just experiment on what I can handle?
Experiment for now on what you can handle. You do not want to hurt yourself, and having a duffel bag wrapped around your leg (especially with cement blocks in it) may be very awkward! Which is exactly why I recommend using the other abductor exercises before this one. But, this is what you have to work with! You can see how much weight I lift with my abductors. Of course, I worked up to this, but you will eventually "work up" to a greater weight, too. So you need to be prepared to accommodate that kind of weight. But of course, you are dealing with free weights and I use a machine, which makes it easier for me to lift the weight. Free weights are always more difficult because they require more of the entire body to be involved in keeping the body stabilized and whatnot. (sorry for the lack of intelligent or accurate terminology... I'm starting to get tired!)

I was just thinking, you might be able to do the standing version with an ankle strap and a resistance band or cord or rope, and have that attached to some heavy weights of your choice (lol be creative), and have it draped over a pivot point so that gravity will pull it back to its starting point. Not sure of the technical terms, but an example would be to have a cord attached to your ankle and then go under a door, then up over the door, and then have weight hanging over the side on which you are standing. It sounds ridiculous, and it very well may be so, but if you play with it you might get it just right so that it is not awkward and you can add or take away weights if need be. Just another option. I imagine that with heavier weights, this will be less awkward in comparison to the lying down version. You could attach more weight to the end of a rope slung over a very sturdy object than attaching heavy weight directly to your ankle hanging in between your legs!

Here is an illustration that might help make the visual clearer:
Imagine the machine to the left being the door, and imagine the "rope" going up the side of the door and draped over the top, with the weight dangling on the side of the door nearest you. I hope this helps Tongue
I mostly use the duffel over my shoulders as I do sumo squats, and then the 5lb. weights on my legs. Thank you so much for all of this information! You're a lifesaver! Thanks so much. I hope all of this will bring me the results I want. I'll keep you posted!!
Oh so for the lying abductor exercise you were going to use ankle weights? I thought you said you were going to use the duffel bag for that, haha. And you are aware that sumo squats work more of the inner thigh than the traditional squat and the gluteus maximus? But I am pretty sure the minimus and medius are not worked much (it is a compound exercise so it will be working most of the muscles in your body, so it is important to know which muscle groups compound exercises target MOST). So, if you also want to build up your inner thighs with your butt, this is not a bad idea!

Definitely keep me posted Smile Remember that diet is KEY! Good luck!!!!
I think being confident whatever you had or what is your body type is more than enough for you to represent yourself as good looking and beautiful. Beaty is all about the confidence how comfortable you present yourself.
A lot of info here. Will have to invest in some weights and five these exercises a go. Some are similar to a thigh workout I have been doing too. My diet is a lot better now but if I need to grow muscle I will need some sort of protein increase I guess.


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