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Brava_Tania program: 12 weeks on Brava smartbox + airlock
Wow! 17 hours, you should get a good deal of growth, especially since it's your 2nd cycle! I'm very excited for you! ☺️ So I guess you maintained all of your growth from the first cycle? How long of a break was there between ending the first one and starting the second one?

Can't wait to see progress and pics!

Also, did you buy yours through Brava, or through EBay, or how?
If you look at the Brava reports, there is no breast growth with less than 8 hours a day, and the more hours per day above that increases growth. At 17 hours per day you should expect great results. I would suggest that you augment your Brava time with breaks every few hours to massage your breasts with flaxseed oil. Best of luckSmile
Hi Tania !
So happy, you got back here to give us a follow up on your journey Smile

If I not mistaken, the second program should have ended by now.

Sooo, how did it go ? Blush
I just received my Brava system (it's a smart box). I'm a rookie at all of this (well, to Brava. I've already used and mastered Noogleberry. Lol) Do you have any tips for me? Start with less hours and work up? Vitamin E/Aloe/cocoa butter or anything else? Is airlock better than the smart box and how do I do that? Ect. Any pointers or personal experience would be awesome!!
Hello Tania, it would be great if you could please let us know how the second round went Smile
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Hi girls (Charlie_girl, Pumaona, atod), thanks for following me. And do asking questions and personal experience.

I will make new photos, maybe I will even start the 3rd cycle, if I will plan my work time accordingly. Results look like following:

1-st Brava cycle from Feb 2013 (20 weeks) 79cm -> 83cm
2-nd Brava cycle from Jan 2015 (10 weeks) 83cm -> 85cm

I already forgot most of my advices.))) And I will read my own posts for some guidance in my 3rd journey.

What I understood, that the 17 hours vs 8 hours surely make the difference but after some weeks. The overall time is also so important - if its 5 or 10 or 20 or 40 weeks. I would have gain much more at the second cycle, if I could do at least 12 weeks!

From my experience, ANY constant grow show up only after 5th week of intense wear (>14 hours), or 8-10 week of low intense wear (<10h). Or you can actually start mildly and then after 5th week to boost growth with some long wearing days. At the beginning intense wear wont affect growth anyways, but in the middle and the end of the cycle it would add a lot!!!

So I'm tying to figure out the way to wear them at least 12 weeks in a row without interruptions. I will be more then happy with gaining 2 more cm to have a rather full C. RolleyesShyBlush
Hey Brava_Tania,
Thank you for your generous sharing. It's been very inspirational and helpful to me!!
I've been using brava for a long time (over 40 weeks...I know... I think it's a little nuts too) but growth has been very gradual & fluctuates up and down. I think I might be a slow responder as I've tried many things (herbs, noogle, etc), plus work has been really busy and I had to travel a lot so in general I usually was under 12, 13 hours, and for a lot of the days I only got like 6-8 hrs in and definitely missed days. Sad

But after reading your posts a while ago, you've inspired me to seriously up my daily hours!!!

I started at 85cm/71cm in Feb. Now in Dec I'm around 88cm (89cm during & pre period). It's taken a long time but I feel it's growth that will stay though... Fingers crossed!

I moved my work schedule around so now my goal for the next few months is to get at least 16-17 hours a day for 4 days a week and at least 10-12 hours for the other 3 days! Hopefully I can get much better & faster results that way. Honestly, sometimes I get very impatient and frustrated, but reading posts on this site like your posts is definitely a huge morale boost. Thank you again!!
Hi Sandra and all girls that will read me.

I wanted to share my result from 2 Brava rounds. It is the image before I started the 3rd round. The difference in cm is from 79cm on the left to 85cm on the right. The weight is 1 kg bigger.

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Hey Brava Tania,
Great pics and growth!! They look fantastic right now! It looks like you retained all of your growth Big Grin.

I've been doing 17-18 hours a day for a week now (there were a couple of 16 hr days). I def feel a difference doing such long hours.

I'm sure you'll reach your goal in 12 weeks. Best of luck!
Hi girls, that me again. I would like to tell that the third cycle of 10 weeks was not successful. It was short only 10 weeks, and during that cycle, my sportbox got malfunctioned and finally got broken, so basically I was trying to use an airlock instead. Airlock combined with worn down domes resulted in poor seal and very low uncontrolled suction level. 

So basically I was torturing myself to get [close to] no result the 3rd cycle. After a year I can say that the circumference is still 85cm.

My lesson from this: 
 - in my situation airlock does not work. I can not measure pressure and can not follow it up each 10 minutes. I need to buy new sportbox
- I need to be careful with sportbox and clean it to maintain the therapeutic suction that will lead to result
- to revisit manual and follow the instructions to change batteries each 10 days, not 30 days when the sportbox wont even start

I placed it Brava instructional manual to imgur http://imgur.com/a/rJdqA


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