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Brava_Tania program: 12 weeks on Brava smartbox + airlock
Please tell us how much you have retained (in cm, your bust before brava and now) couple of months after the programm?

I am doing brava now, so just for the motivation, but I also do BO and topicals, I believe you did only brava.
Tania, have you kept using the Brava or have you stop since your last post ?
Have you seen any change since that time ? (Either by stoping or continuing ?)
Would it be possible for you to do a follow up of your post where you published some really convincing photos ?
Thank you, thank you for your very clever tips Smile
Very nice progress. My breasts are similar to your starting size, hopefully mine will grow just as fast. Smile
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Hi girls, thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I wasn't using Brava for already since July 2013. But I still see the volume I gained during my Brava experience. Big Grin

So benefits: Big Grin
- First, breasts become more perky after the breast implants removal, it is because they grow not only downward direction, but also upper part of the breasts. If I will ever get saggy tits, I will definitely perk-them-up with this thing.
- Second, the overall volume is noticeably bigger. Even my husband (opponent) noticed growth. And this is what matter the most!!!

- Anyway, you expect your breast to grow faster, and disappointment is waiting on you each evening. It is hard to stay positive. Really. I was motivating myself all the time NOT to give up. This forum also helped. And making photos helped.
- The scars (after implant removal) under the breast become move visible. I used to go to laser treatment, but after Brava the scars re-appeared one more time.
- Pimples all over breasts. At night I wanted to go out with low cut tops, but breasts had some marks + pimples and were not looking 100% natural (lil bit of previously hated silicone style). and when they are after Brava they are still more tough, so you can not put them in wired wonderbra to have wanted cleavage. Or you can, but it will make you feel uncomfortable. But when they are some silky and soft they are almost the basic size you start with, so there is not much to boast.
- Discomfort after/during sleeping + pack pain
- You definitely need to schedule & plan your Brava time. All 12 weeks. And you need to talk about all difficulties with your husband, parents, boyfriend, anyone who sees you at your room. Anyone who is asking you to go party or stay at work till late becomes your #ENEMY - "wearing time stealer". Of course, don't get over-obsessed with it. But remember that you definitely need to count hours each day, to see the result. So PLAN your time to have your 8 (or better 12) hour wear time each day.

No matter of all discomfort and shortcomings I'm planning to make a second session of Brava. My husband is almost ready. And I'm trying to plan our trips so I will have full 12 weeks for my next Brava experience.
@ #ENEMY - "wearing time stealer" - LOL that's precious!

Just FYI I think your chest looked gorgeous before you started Brava!

Hi Ella, Thanks for compliments)))

Sorry if it's not in English, it is not my native language. But I guess you ve got the point Blush

As I understood from studies on Brava and other suction devices. Most of the magic is generally speaking a fat management. So called “de novo lipo genesis”. So the most important is not to be too skinny and NOT hate fat in your body. So, extra 1500 calories (from carbohydrates) add 3 gramms of fat each day.

But the main question where your body will decide to store the fat. Your hips, arms, waist or your BREASTS))) so you need to show that the "place in need" is your breasts by constant or tough suction. I'm not telling that body will store the fat ONLY in this area. But at least it wont forget this area during making this important decision.

So in my case, I needed to decide what I like more - skinny hips, 6 packs or puffy breasts. I decided to go with breasts, and make all kind of massages to legs not to show cellulite. I'm way too skinny. Less then 50kg, so I want to gain weight anyway. And during my next Brava session I will
1) eat a lot carbohydrates & good fats like olive oil, seeds, nuts
2) I'll count my calories and weight, as well as my wearing hours
3) will not loose any kilos afterwards (previous time I lost 7kg), but will either keep my weight or even gain some kg a bit to keep most of results...
Why did you have your implants removed? I've been thinking about getting them for a long time now. But I also think that I would feel awkward with them. I've tried the brava years ago and it is definitely hard. Congrats you made it 12 weeks.
(19-10-2014, 03:53 AM)Tinytots Wrote: Why did you have your implants removed? I've been thinking about getting them for a long time now.

Hi Tinytots, to make a long story short - implants were far lower them my expectations. Since silicon implants was on the TV, celebrities, magazines - we only SEE how implant breasts LOOK. But we have no idea how do the FEEL inside your own body. And FEELING is so much different experience.

- after implants surgery I was recovering around 3 month. with back pain, chest pain, muscle pain. drinking pain killers all the time. and also my health after the surgery become much worse because of these pain killers drugs and the full anaesthesia. actually some sources tell that this full anaesthesia takes away approx 5 years from you. and I was making this surgery twice, so I become less healthy for 10 years
- implants are cold. since they are rubber balls. it is not just less warm. your breasts become seriously cold
- implants are definitely less soft as your breasts. so it is not a soft feeling, but rather stubborn, not pleasant golf ball feeling
- implant breasts are not bouncy at all, or it moved weird during certain movements at bedroom. it was a huge minus for my husband. he used to love to play with them, or just watch them bounce. after the surgery he was trying to avoid touching or playing with them. since it can cause pain, and feels weird touching
- implants is making your sleep on stomach NOT comfortable. so I slept only on my back, in order not to hurt breasts during sleep
- implants will lower your physical activity. I used to go the gym. I used to love it. but after the surgery, and cutting lower part of chest muscle (since I put implant from the bottom of my chest, under the muscle), all chest exercises become very painful. as well as all jumping, running, boxing.
- implants cause scars. of course, doctors will tell you that those will be small. and you can even mask it with your nipples. but if you will put it from nipples side, they can not guarantee you will be able to breastfeed or FEEL ANYTHING with your breasts. scary right?
- implants need to be covered with tissue and fat from ALL possible sides. as my starting point was rather small (AA or small A size), the implants were not properly covered. so the edges could be seen through skin in some poses...
- as a result, the implants in my breasts were not welcomed by my husbands at bedroom. and it was a huge failure.

The only thing as a plus - under the clothes tits looked bigger, and t-shirts looked more alluring. still I couldn't show my breasts in decollate, since the edges of implants were easily noticeable.

So... still the pluses were few, and far less excited then I imagined first. And minuses were so massive. I waited almost 2 years, hoping all negative feelings will fade. Though, I was more and more convinced, that it is permanently. And also the fact, that the implant is minimising your own tissue as time goes by (because rubber cover is pressing all the time your tissue), and becomes more and more visible was giving me an idea, that I need to remove it as fast as possible....

If you need some convincing (and embarrassing) photos, I can PM you.

As my advice - DO NOT PUT IMPLANTS IN, if you have anything less then full B cup. Since you will end up with all problems that I faced...
Amazing progress! You look great! Inspiring to see you stick to it Smile I'm going to follow this in hopes that you post your next 12 week journey on the same thread. Looking forward to more updates!
(30-12-2014, 10:49 AM)Charlie_girl Wrote: I'm going to follow this in hopes that you post your next 12 week journey on the same thread. Looking forward to more updates!

Hi Charlie_girl, yes, I've started my next cycle of 10 weeks. Unfortunately I do not have more weeks, since we are going to other country. But meanwhile, I'm not working, so I can dedicate not only 11 hours per day, but smth around 17 hours per day. As I see from my progress, the second cycle can be considered more fast. Possibly I'm not a slow responder now, but a average responder. Blush

I will post my updates after 1 month of my second Brava cycle. Thanks for your encouragement.

As a quick result. First 20 weeks cycle of Brava has increased my boobs measurement from 79cm to 83cm. Now my aim is to grow from 83cm to 86cm in next intense 10 weeks. God please help me!


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